Drama for Centurion, the 25-year-old girl dies from cardiac arrest


Drama for Centurion, 25-year-old girlfriend dies

Drama for Ricardo Centurion. The former Genoa player said goodbye to the 25-year-old girl. His girlfriend Melody Pasini died dead in the car after a cardiac arrest

Football news – Drama for Ricardo Centurion, former Genoa player among others: his girlfriend died in Lanus this morning Melody Pasini. According to what reported by ‘Olé’, the girl was driving her car when she suffered a cardiac arrest, losing control of the vehicle.

She was 25 and had previously had heart problems, which she had managed to overcome.

Centurion, currently a Velez player, had played for Genoa in the 2013/14 season and then again in the 2017/18 season. The company in an official note showed closeness to the player. To report it is goal.com.


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