Disney + reduces streaming quality in Europe and delays the launch in France


Vezio Ceniccola

Also Disney + joins the growing number of online services that try to avoid the congestion of web browsing. As already done by Netflix and Prime Video, Disney has announced that it will be forced to limit bandwidth usage by 25% for its video streaming service. An active change in all European markets starting from March 24, 2020, which will be the day of the official launch also in Italy.

This decision comes after the request by theEuropean Union on the reduction of bitrate video streaming services. The very delicate pandemic situation from Coronavirus – which is forcing many citizens across the Old Continent to home isolation – has in fact caused a sharp rise in bandwidth consumption for streaming in recent weeks, which has caused a slowdown in Internet speed for many users.

With the 25% reduction in bitrate broadcast, Disney + and other services are attempting to reduce the load on the network, while still providing their content to all subscribers. The change will not affect the resolution, but you may still notice a lower image quality on the screen.

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On the sidelines of this news, we also report a novelty concerning the France, where the launch of Disney + will be postponed to April 7, 2020, in accordance with the specific request of the transalpine government. At the moment there are no postponement hypotheses also as regards theItaly, but the situation could change in the next few hours. We advise you to check our website to stay up to date on the matter.

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