Decaro is a social star, even Naomi Campbell bewitched by the mayor of Bari


BARI – From the Murat neighborhood to the S.Paolo, passing through the world of art. And now we also put on fashion. There is no peace for Antonio Decaro. Oh yes, the first citizen of Bari, as anti-gathering mayor, as well as sneaking in some famous paintings of art history, always thanks to the web he finds himself the protagonist of a post published on Facebook by Naomi Campbell, the supermodel more famous in the world, known by all as the “black Venus”. The video of the Bari mayor “bacchettatore”, together with all the other first Italian citizens, was shared by the supermodel with the phrase “I love Italians! Their spirit, creativity, souls, their courage, resilience, passion and compassion. This is the updated compilation of Italian mayors who lose their heads for people who violate the quarantine # Covid19 »

And among the iron-fisted Italian administrators, in addition to the President of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca, our first citizen Antonio Decaro could not miss with his slang and the explicit invitation addressed to the anti-quarantine cunning: «You must go to home! », Indeed:« You must go home », to put it to Naomi Campbell.
Who would have thought that in a climate of global emergency, the attention of a fashion super star rested on Puglia and the city of Bari? But, yes, in the end, when everything has passed, perhaps of this periodaccio, as well as the unification of Italy and the work of many “heroes” we will also remember the interest shown to us by Naomi Campbell. And who knows that one day the “black Venus” cannot meet in person the super mayor of Bari, indicated to the whole of America as a positive example to follow: “Listen America Listen!”.


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