De Luca also liked the iron fist against those who leave the house


Vincenzo De Luca’s ‘hard punch’ and his effect phrases, which enrich Crozza’s repertoire, go beyond Italian borders and travel around the world. A passage from the last video published on his facebook page, in which the Campania governor threatens to send “the carabinieri with the flamethrower” to those who organize graduation parties during the period of isolation, was also taken up by Naomi Campbell.

The English model and actress shared it on her instagram profile, accompanied by the commentary “Listen America Listen!” (listen to America, listen). The black Venus captured him from the profile of Rula Jebreal, who instead commented in English the equivalent of “I love Italians! Their spirit, their creativity, resilience, passion and compassion”.

The video, which also shows the reactions of other Italian administrators to the coronavirus emergency (including the mayor of Bari and ANCI president, Antonio De Caro, and the first citizens of Messina and Reggio Calabria, Cateno De Luca and Giuseppe Falcomata ‘) , was also published on the New York Times website. A way to tell the harsh response of some representatives of our institutions to citizens who do not respect the quarantine.


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