Coronavirus. While in Lombardy we die, in Rome the controversy is for Conte’s message to the nation sent on Facebook


While in Lombardy and in Italy the most dramatic hours of the coronavirus emergency are faced, with a peak of 800 dead in just 24 hours, a Rome the controversy that has been stirring up politics for hours is the impossibility of asking questions at the end of the message to the nation of Giuseppe Conte. In fact, the intervention of the Prime Minister of yesterday evening, with whom it was announced, ended under accusation the total lockout of non-essential production activities: an unprecedented decision, which came after pressure and appeals from unions and local institutions which from now on are said to be “exhausted” for a contagion that shows no sign of diminishing. In the hours immediately following the Prime Minister’s speech, while the text of the decree is still awaited, the discussions never entered into merit, but focused on the decision to transmit the message live on Facebook and on the chosen time. The video was however shot and relaunched live by all television networks, as indeed wanted to specify the same presidency of the board with a note. “The statements of the Prime Minister on Saturday evening were disseminated in the usual way used by the Prime Minister”, reads. “In case of important public statements […] in fact, the main public and private TV channels – notified in time – access via direct connection to the audio-video signal provided by the Prime Minister’s control room. At the same time, the statements are streamed on the Prime Minister’s You Tube channel and on Giuseppe Conte’s Facebook page “.

In the front row to argue against his own government Matteo Renzibut also the opposition despite the same Sergio Mattarella has called in recent days for “collaboration” for national unity. The requests of journalists are more concrete than unanimously (Fnsi, Order is parliamentary press association) have proposed to set up remote press conferences to allow reporters to continue working.

The minister Pd Dario Franceschini intervened in the afternoon to try to mitigate the situation (“Conte should be thanked, we are all a team,” said a video), but the debate had already started. Renzi, it is no surprise, he was the first to have his say: “Let’s avoid”, he said during a direct Facebook Sunday convened ad hoc, “by sow panic and to have an institutional communication that looks more like a reality show than a big pandemic “. The former prime minister is the same one who only a few days ago gave interviews to various foreign media to warn about “Italy’s mistakes” and has beaten even in opposition (to his own government) even Matteo Salvini is Giorgia Meloni. But above all, Renzi is the same one who during his tenure as prime minister devoted himself to long direct Facebook, from his office in Palazzo Chigi, to talk about the various government measures. They were the so-called “#MatteoRisponde” and, on those occasions, the journalists were completely bypassed, opting for questions selected by the premier on the net based on his communication needs. Evidently Renzi has changed his mind, and with him his own, always members of the same majority that in theory is supporting Conte. “The direct Facebook to unified networks, without questions, have tired”, wrote among many the president of Italia viva Ettore Rosato on Twitter.

And to say that only last Thursday even the President of the Republic bothered Sergio Mattarella, who, in the midst of a pandemic crisis, had to personally call the leaders of the opposition and hear the government ask for it “Collaboration” and “listening skills” in such a delicate moment for the country. Perhaps it should even surprise us that these calls were needed to express a concept that, at least in the areas where every day we count, decides to die, is very clear. Just the head of state, maximum guarantor of the Constitutional Charter, knows that protecting national unity in a time of serious emergency does not mean failing in democratic prerogatives. That is: there is moment and moment to claim space and this is a situation of extreme difficulty for which it is necessary that the forces are used to row in the same direction and not to give an image of the country, still and as always, divided to its internal.

Despite the appeal of the head of state himself, other members of the opposition also complained in addition to Renzi. Matteo Salvini today he wrote a post on Facebook: “So you can’t go on”, we read, “between announcements at night and confusion during the day, between underestimation and improvisation. We wholeheartedly want to help “, but” unfortunately we are not allowed to do it today “. And he even closed: “We don’t live in a regime, we are and we want to stay in democracy”. The commissioners of Fratelli d’Italia in the Rai Supervisory Commission Federico Mollicone and Daniela Santanchè, went so far as to compare the attitude of Palazzo Chigi “to that of Kim Jong Un’s Korea”. And even in the ranks of Forza Italia it was decided to protest compactly with the other coalition allies: “This unfortunate method has already caused alarm, panic, and caused very serious consequences,” said the deputy Fi Mara Carafagna. “Now the government has a duty to address the population when the decisions are already clear and detailed, it has the duty to speak with one voice, every day, from national channels.”

But there are not only the very often empty controversies of politicians. Even journalists, with moderate and constructive tones, have made some proposals to try to solve what can become a problem. dall ‘Order of journalists, from the parliamentary press association and the Fnsi union, the request came unanimously to the premier because from now on, in light of a pandemic situation, the press conferences until now organized remotely to “guarantee health security” and at the time the “participation of journalists” itself. “All possible democracy in these days must be valued,” said the president of the National Council of the Order Carlo Verna. “Information pluralism is not only a decisive expression of it, but, moreover, it helps to understand”. Verna has also gone further, highlighting what the points to be clarified at the end of the message would have been: “It was clear to all the squeeze, the activities that remained open but not those that were forced to close, in what ways and interactions with the competent authorities. But also better understanding the uniformity between the various Regions that had anticipated measures would have helped. We are respectful of the strenuous commitment of those who govern these days, we only ask to help us to help with our functions that the President Conte himself, and for this we thank him, underlined that they are essential ”.

The union of journalists Fnsi instead, he highlighted the fact that Conte, in his message yesterday, “recognized the importance of the work that thousands of reporters are doing in these days, stressing that journalists are also a category at risk”. So in a note signed by Secretary General Raffaele Lorusso and President Giuseppe Giulietti, they asked first of all that “journalists and information operators” should also be formally included “among the categories with the highest risk of contagion”. And then they joined their colleagues in asking for greater participation: “It is necessary that”, they concluded, “also in formal communications of measures intended to produce effects for the community, the contradiction with journalists never ceases“.


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