Coronavirus, the gamble of Schwarz: “On April 8 I reopen the Regio, we will save the season”


TORINO. On the home page of the Regio, the hashtag #iorestoacasa has given way to the warning-wish “We are ready to leave”. On April 8, the theater is in a position to raise the curtain on Giacomo Puccini’s La Bohème. Escape forward? Excessive optimism? Crazy choice? No other theater, in fact, has ventured so much. «We are not crazy» immediately explains the superintendent Sebastian Schwarz who remained in Turin and with his staff he is working these days in Piazza Castello. “We are experiencing an international emergency, the information changes every minute, but for the moment the decree that imposes the closures until April 3 is in force. And that’s what we have to stick to. I am aware that the facts and the numbers of the contagions suggest that the situation will not change soon, but I must move now to be ready in the event that on April 3rd it could really be reopened. Otherwise, even with the theater open, I would have nothing to show the public ».

But why not wait? At least a few days to better understand how the government intends to move and the evolution of the Coronavirus emergency: . There are 15 thousand people who could no longer answer “We will let you know” ». So, once the availability of the artists was ascertained, and the calendar was rearranged with painstaking work, the Regio announced his Bohème for the 8th: “It is feasible because there had already been rehearsals on stage”. In the event that on April 3 theaters can really be reopened but always with the obligation to keep the safety distances? “We would then be forced not to go on stage: it is unthinkable to make the orchestra play in those conditions or to separate the audience”. Pessimistic scenario (although, at the moment, rather realistic): restrictions, closings and curfews continue. “In that case, La Bohème will be postponed.” Until? “There are objective limits, but until May it is possible for now.” Instead, the concerts and “Damnation of Faust” were canceled.

Wanting to be optimistic, however: in case the 3 really starts again, the superintendent does not fear the distrust effect? After all, only a few days earlier he had forced himself into the house. «I believe that the government decides in conscience: if it says that it can be reopened it is because it is really possible to do it safely. At that point, when they tell us that the emergency has passed, we must go back to live, we must go back to theaters, cinemas, to give new lymph to culture “. In short, no escape forward, but only Teutonic rigor. «I have to put the ship in a position to be able to resume sailing on the basis of the information and directives I have now, aware that they could change in a day or in a week. And if so, I have a plan B ready: postpone until May. For now I am trying to keep the season going as far as possible. For workers, for artists, for the public “. Audience that is particularly close to the Regio, in addition to requests for information, in fact, other calls also arrive “Yes, many tell us: whatever happens I will not ask for a refund”.


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