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Rome, March 24, 2020 – The meeting of the Council of Ministers began on the afternoon at Palazzo Chigi with the agenda on decree with urgent measures against Coronavirus. The provision, subject to change, would consist of 5 articles. There are two main innovations: the possibility that the restrictions will last until 31 July and the tightening of sanctions for the ‘sly men’ who cross.
The measure, several sources of government explain, serves to standardize the regulatory framework of the provisions adopted so far to curb the emergency, updating and replacing the first decree at the end of February, launched to establish the first red zones.

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Increased sanctions

In the light of many complaints these days on the violation of the rules by numerous citizens, Palazzo Chigi, as stated in the draft of the new decree law under discussion in the Council of Ministers, has decided to tighten the sanctions with the “payment of a sum from € 500 to € 4,000“If necessary then the” prefect ensures the execution of the measures using the Police force and, where necessary, some Armed forcesafter hearing the competent territorial commands. To the personnel of the Armed Forces employed, subject to the provision of the competent prefect, to ensure the execution of the containment measures “.

Closing of premises until July 31st

The government reserves the right to still close public premises, which in fact can create crowds of people, to an extent not more than thirty days lasting at a time and however repeatable until 31 July. The draft under examination and the government talks about “closing of cinemas, theaters, dance halls, discos, game rooms, betting rooms and bingo halls” to contain and counter the health risks deriving from the spread of the Covid-19 virus, “on specific parts of the national territory or, if necessary, on the whole of it “.

Anti-epidemic measures will take place duration “not more than thirty days”, are reiterable and modifiable “even several times until July 31, 2020 ” and with the possibility of “modulating its increase or decrease application according to the epidemiological trend of the virus”. The measures – including the possible further closure of the rooms which is currently expected to be closed until April 3 – are adopted “with one or more decrees of the President of the Council of Ministers, on a proposal from the Minister of Health, after hearing the Minister of the Interior , the Minister of Defense, the Minister of Economy and Finance and the other ministers responsible for the matter, as well as the presidents of the regions concerned “.

The provisions of Municipalities and Regions

The Regions – still provides for the draft decree – can adopt or suspend the anti-contagion measures on their territory: within 24 hours they must communicate them to the Prime Minister and lose their effectiveness after 7 days. It aims to regulate relations between government and local authorities in the management of anti-Coronavirus ordinances. Even the mayors can adopt or suspend the restrictive measures for 7 days upon notification to the Region. Statutory auditors cannot adopt ordinances that conflict with state measures.


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