Coronavirus, the center-right pressing on Conte. The premier: we can collaborate


ROME – “We are in the midst of the storm”. This was said by Roberto Speranza to the center-right delegation who for over three and a half hours confronted Giuseppe Conte and his ministers. “The situation is still very serious, let’s not be fooled by the numbers and let’s not let our guard down”, is the warning that the Health Minister shared with Matteo Salvini, Giorgia Meloni, Antonio Tajani and Maurizio Lupi.

At seven in the evening when the leaders of Lega, FdI, FI and Noi with Italy go up to Palazzo Chigi with the mask on the face, the data of the Civil Protection leave some glimmer of light. Yet Hope calls for caution: “We can’t let our guard down”. Salvini, on behalf of the entire center-right, asks the government to test every possible drug useful to fight the virus and the Minister of Health does not close: “Let us have no illusions, but the experiments are right to do.”

The concern at Palazzo Chigi remains high and Conte returns to ask Europe for a coordinated response: “Italy is implementing a strategy that costs us sacrifices. We cannot accept that other countries have a lower penalty threshold, because we could be exposed to a return infection ”. It is the second meeting after that of March 10, when Salvini came out “disappointed and worried”. Yesterday’s summit, favored by phone call from former vice premier to President Sergio Mattarella, took place in a “constructive” climate, so much so that Conte joked with Minister D’Incà that he went to a live TV: “Do not attack the opposition!”. The secretary of the League asks Conte to open a “control room” in which the opposition is fully involved, because, as Silvio Berlusconi said on radio, “so far Conte has done everything himself”. The political point is the belief that Conte is abusing the decrees. “The limitations of personal freedom cannot be imposed only through a Dpcm”, warns Giorgia Meloni, who sees the “risk of an authoritarian drift” and asks to involve Parliament: “Let it be a crisis unit and not a closed and barred building” .

Conte on Thursday morning will report first to the Chamber and then to the Senate, but Salvini reinforces the concept: «Parliament must work day and night as many Italian companies do». Tajani invites the Prime Minister to “overcome the phase of overlap between decrees of the law and decrees of the Prime Minister” and Conte undertakes to transform the four decrees on Covid-19 into a single text. Wolves suggests to recruit 8000 volunteer doctors as soon as possible and the premier announces that three and a half million masks will arrive today and confirms that Angela Merkel will send 300 respirators.

On the economic plan, it begins with the rejection of the Mes, even for the sole issue of eurobonds: “The clauses would throttle Italy”. Salvini urges Conte to defend Italian companies from the appetites of those who hope, thanks to the pandemic crisis, to buy them below cost. “I see too much pro-Chinese enthusiasm from the government,” he attacks Salvini, which fears under-track agreements with the giants of 5G technologies. But Conte reassures: «Today China is fundamental for supplies. We appreciate aid, but we don’t give up. We will protect the assets of the country with great strength and we are working to strengthen the golden power ». Also this time Salvini attacks: «The government will not put a euro for the matches VAT». But Gualtieri and Conte promise “substantial” resources in April for businesses and families.

March 23, 2020 (change March 23, 2020 | 11:49 pm)



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