Coronavirus: swabs emergency in Italy, while a Brescia company sent half a million to the USA


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Half a million tampons. At the United States. From an Italian company, precisely of Brescia, one of the provinces most affected by the emergency Covid-19. The news had been circulating on social networks since the afternoon, spread by some US media; in the evening, however, the confirmation arrived, with Republic who made it known how to supply the swabs to USA it is really a Lombard company, which produced and sold them to United States.

The cargo from Italy started from the military base Use of Aviano, near Pordenone, Monday 16 March and arrived yesterday in Menphis, transported by a plane of theAir Force, the US Air Force. That half a million tampons, though, according to calculation experts would have been enough to cover the needs of almost all of northern Italy. The data, moreover, are clear: since the beginning of the crisis, in our country they have been carried out 100 thousand swabs. Too few, so much so that the various regions I have always been desperate to try to contain the advance of the new coronavirus. For this reason, the news sounds a bit like a mockery: the solution was there, directly in the epicenter of the infection.

The first to break the news was the site, who also published a photo depicting the hold of the military plane in question (quadrireactor C-17 Globemaster) full of the kits in question. According to what Repubblica writes, the post – appeared on Instagram – was later removed. However, the official approach came with the words of the Pentagon spokesman, Jonathan Hoffman, which however had not specified which was the Italian company from which the USA they bought the medical material.

It was the Republic, however, to reveal the name: it is the Copan Diagnostics of Brescia, one of the cities that is paying the highest duty as the spread of theCovid-19 epidemic. The confirmation of Ambassador Lewis Einsenberg also came in close: “We are delighted that theItalian company Copan Diagnostics continues to manufacture swabs for the Covid-19 – he said to Republic – in sufficient quantities to satisfy requests in Italy and foreign sales. The Italian private sector contributes to saving lives in the world. Me congratulations for this effort. The United States will continue to buy these pads from Italian companies according to their needs – he added – The United States and theItaly continue to work together very tight cooperation“.

A half truth, apparently, given that in Italy a real emergency is also being experienced due to the difficulty in finding the swabs that ensure with certainty positivity to the Covid-19 and, consequently, to isolate also the positive asymptomatic contributing without their knowledge to spread the virus. All to understand, at this point, the details of the negotiation between the Copan Diagnostics and the United States. At the moment there are no clear details: it is not known if Trump’s order arrived before or after the contagion boom, let alone if the Prime Minister Conte, the ministers or some Italian politicians were aware of the imminent shipment and, therefore, had the possibility of lock. There Copan Diagnostic, 600 employees, has offices around the world and produces millions and millions of swabs per week sold everywhere, fromEurope to America untilAsia, with a production that has clearly multiplied with theexplosion of the pandemic of the coronavirus. The American secretary of state Mike Pompeo he said he had a interview telephone with the foreign minister Luigi Di Maio. The heads of American and Italian diplomacy – reads a note from Department of the US state, stressed “the strength of relations between Italy is States United in the face of the coronavirus emergency. ”

Certainly the auctions at crazy prices that are characterizing the sales of health products that serve to fight the coronavirus, masks and gloves in the first place are no longer news. It is a few days ago, for example, on attempt of the usual United States to make sure for one monstre figure (there is talk of two billion dollars) the exclusivity of an experimental vaccine that a Thuringian laboratory is working on, in Germany. The purchase, however, did not go through. At the last moment both the government of Berlin that theEuropean Union, the latter with an allocation of 80 million euros to prevent the patent from escaping to the US. In the case of Bresciainstead, it didn’t happen.


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