Coronavirus. Physical and rehabilitative medicine for everyone, free of charge, in a “virtual” outpatient clinic, teleconsulting with the operators


The initiative was promoted by the Italian Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine. The objective is to encourage access to rehabilitation services, albeit within the limits of the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 epidemic. It is a real and proper “virtual clinic”, which makes use of a selected group of doctors who can offer information and information support. How to access the service.

MAR 19 – The emergency from Covid-19 is severely testing the health system of our country and all health workers are working with a great spirit of service. This situation is also having a strong impact on rehabilitation assistance. To try to encourage access to rehabilitation services, albeit within the limits of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Italian Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (Simfer) has activated a teleconsultation service for physical and rehabilitation medicine, with free and free access.

“In consideration of the difficulties that many patients find in accessing physiatric visits and rehabilitation treatments, this” virtual surgery “- explains Simfer – employs a selected group of doctors belonging to the same company,” able to offer indications and information support relating to the needs of people with disabling conditions of different origins “.

“This initiative is part of the program launched by the Italian Federation of Medical Scientific Societies (FISM) which urges the companies included in the list of the Ministry of Health to offer their contribution in the field of assistance and development of communication paths for Covid emergency 19. It is supported by various scientific evidences on the effectiveness of telemedicine services, which appear to be particularly useful tools in situations such as the current one “, explains Simfer in a note.

How to activate the service: the service can be activated by the patient or family member or caregiver who needs it by writing an email to [email protected] (indicating: Name, Surname, Telephone number, City of residence, Possible Skype contact if available, Synthetic reason for the request for remote consultation). The patient will then be contacted as soon as possible to carry out a tele-consultation with one of the Simfer volunteer doctors.March 19, 2020
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