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All the latest news from Italy and the world. The total deaths are 14,700. Weinstein also got infected, Asian stock markets down

The contagion rate in Italy is 59,138 people who contracted Covid-19 and 5,476 died. Here are all the news today from Italy and the world.

2.45 pm – Conte-Salvini phone call

“After the cordial phone call from President Mattarella, Conte’s also arrived, who after our solicitations invited the center-right opposition tonight at 7 pm at Palazzo Chigi for a discussion on the situation. We do not lack ideas, advice and concrete proposals to bring on government tables! “. So Matteo Salvini on Facebook.

2.42 pm – Lucia Bosè dies

Lucia Bosè, 89-year-old Italian actress, died in Madrid after contracting the Coronavirus. The news was given by the newspaper El Pais which cites sources close to the family. Bosè became famous when he won the Miss Italia competition in 1947, at just 16 years of age. From there he concentrated his career on acting, participating in several films by Luis Bunuel, Jean Coctaeu and Federico Fellini. Bosè married March 1, 1955 with the bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguin, with whom he had three children: Miguel Bosè, Lucia Dominguin and Paola Dominguin. He had 10 grandchildren.

2.40 pm – Giovanni Rana increases salaries

Giovanni Rana, president of the homonymous Veronese pasta factory specializing in fresh pasta, launched an extraordinary plan of wage increases of 2 million euros, in recognition of the 700 employees who are guaranteeing continuity to the company. Among the measures envisaged there are a 25% salary increase for each day worked and an extraordinary monthly ticket of 400 euros for the expenses of the babysitter. The measure is retroactive from 9 March and will also cover the month of April. An insurance policy has also been activated for employees in the event of contagion from Covid-19.

2.23 pm – 96 thousand reported

Police officers checked 157,621 people yesterday and 10,326 were reported. There were 53,776 controlled businesses, 158 operators reported and 7 businesses were suspended. The number of persons controlled from 11 to 22 March, 92,367 those reported for failure to comply with the orders of the authority, 2,155 complaints for false declarations thus rose to 2,016,318; 973,799 controlled businesses and 2,277 the owners reported.

2.00 pm – Effects of the quarantine

We will have to wait until April 4 before we can see the effects of the more restrictive measures adopted on March 11, after those of March 9: it is the assessment of the physicist Giorgio Parisi, expert of complex systems of the Sapienza University of Rome and of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (Infn). “The number of deaths is increasing, but at a slower pace than before and could continue to increase for a very long time”.

1.42 pm – Moscow: vaccine in 11 months

The Coronavirus vaccine developed by the Russian Federal Biomedical Agency (FMBA) has passed the first stage of development and its tests are expected to end in July. The head of the agency Veronika Skvortsova said so, adding that the vaccine should be ready in 11 months. Tass reports it.

13.30 – The Fontana conference

In the daily press conference, the governor of Lombardy, Attilio Fontana, said that “The data I believe are quite in line with those of yesterday. There are doubts about the fact that, in places where there is a conflict, order of the Region, in which there are greater limitations than the Rome provision. I have already asked the legal department for an answer and it was that the regional ordinance must apply. In any case, I sent a note formal to the Minister Lamorgese, which I have just heard, in which I ask that the ministry express its opinion and tell us formally whether my ordinance or the Dpcm should be applied to avoid any confusion of having asked some jurists if the decree of the Lombardy, more rigorous, is prevalent compared to that of the government Hospitals situation: that of the Fiera is progressing in accordance with the times, the Cremona field team has left, the doctors are arriving in Crema Cubans, work is in progress in Bergamo and soon it will also become operational, a group of Russian doctors will arrive in Sondalo, the new tensile structure at San Raffaele, today the first patients should enter. “

12.55 pm – India, historical stock market crash

The Mumbai Stock Exchange lost 13.15%, the worst loss of all time for the Sensex index. The red reciosr came after India announced the “biggest lockdown in the world”. So some international media have defined the “curfew of the people”, the closure of the country for 14 hours, wanted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to counter the advance of the new Coronavirus in the second most populous nation on the planet. Indians were asked to comply with the curfew from 7 am to 9 pm today, with most rail links suspended until March 31 and several states that have closed all non-essential services. According to many, it was a general test to test the country’s ability to face a larger national lockdown.

12.40 – The Pope speaks to businesses

“Save yourself who can not is the solution. Rather than lay off, you have to welcome and make people feel that society is in solidarity”. This is the message of Pope Francis to businesses launched during the Spanish “Lo de Evole” program on La Sexta. If we talk about the difficulties of companies, related to the Coronavirus crisis, “there are the difficulties of the employee, the employee, the worker, the worker. We must take charge of these realities,” said the pontiff connected via Skype last night with the Catalan journalist Jordie Evole.

12.30 – Situation Spain

The number of infections and victims in Spain is increasing. There are 33,089 cases, of which 2,355 in intensive care. The death toll reaches 2,182, an increase of 462 victims in the past 24 hours. After Italy, Spain is the country with the highest number of deaths.

11.55 am – Situation Germany

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the number of cases in Germany is close to 25,000 (24,904), while the number of deaths rises to 94.

11.45 am – Lombardy, metalworkers strike

The workers of the metalworking companies of Lombardy will strike on Wednesday for 8 hours. This was announced by the general secretary of the FIM-CISL, Marco Bentivogli. The decision, he explains, “was made to consider Lombardy a region where more restrictive measures are needed on the activities to be left open”. On the other hand, there are several companies in the aerospace sector where strikes took place today against the government decree which would have extended the indispensable activities compared to what had been agreed with the union. According to Fiom reports, the workers of Leonardo, Ge Avio, Fata Logistic System, Lgs, Vitrociset, MBDA, DEMA, CAM and DAR have crossed their arms at the moment.

11.43 am – Two more doctors died

Coronavirus also continues to affect white coats. According to the data of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità updated to yesterday, 4,824 are infected with health workers, about 8% of the total positive cases in Italy. And today there are two more victims from the doctors, as reported by Fnomceo: this is Leonardo Marchi, infectious disease specialist and medical director of the San Camillo nursing home in Cremona, and Manfredo Squeri, a retired hospital doctor in charge of the Home Medicine department of care Little Daughters of Parma. Thus the number of deaths among doctors rose to 21.

11.10 am – Sinti reported

A hundred people, Sinti nomads, have been reported for attending a funeral for a relative of theirs in Santa Lucia Extra, in the province of Verona. The priest who celebrated the function was also reported to the judiciary.

10.30 am – Confindustria: we will lose 100 billion a month

“With this decree a question arises that from the economic emergency makes us enter the war economy”, warns the president of Confindustria, Vincenzo Boccia, after stopping all non-essential economic activities. “70% of the Italian productive fabric will close”, “if the GDP is 1800 billion per year it means that we produce 150 billion a month, if we close 70% of the activities it means that we lose 100 billion every 30 days. Many companies they may never reopen “, he underlines, guest of Circo Massimo on Radio Capital.

10.15 am – Skip the Pope’s trip

The Coronavirus emergency blows up the Pope’s next trip to Malta scheduled for May 31. “Due to the current world situation and in agreement with the authorities and the local Church, the announced Apostolic Journey to Malta has been postponed to a date yet to be defined,” said Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni.

9.45 am – Milan stock exchange negative

As in Asia, the Milan stock exchange also opened in negative territory: -2.15% but the fall seems destined to increase.

9.30 – 413 deaths in the USA

At least 413 people died in the United States due to the spread of Coronavirus. The CNN reports it, which – based on data from individual states and federal agencies – speaks of at least 34,276 cases of Covid-19. The most serious situation in New York, with 114 dead. Then Washington with 95 victims and California with 32. Trump sent the National Guard to all three of the hardest hit areas. The US president said at a press conference that he had spoken to the Chinese president of the Coronavirus. “I am a little angry with China,” he said, while confirming his respect for Xi Jinping.

9.25 am – Asian stock exchanges

The advance of Coronavirus worldwide has frightened the markets of Asia and the Pacific. Aside from the Tokyo Stock Exchange (+ 2.023%), favored by the hypothesis that the Olympic Goals are not canceled, but only postponed, the minus sign prevailed ahead of the Shanghai (-3.11%) and Shenzhen (-4 indices) , 26%), Sidney (-5.6%), Taiwan (-4.3%) and Seoul (-5.34%). Heavy also Hong Kong (-4%) and Mumbai (-10%), still open.

9.20 am – Curfew in Saudi Arabia

Curfew in Saudi Arabia in an attempt to curb the spread of Covid-19. The restrictive measures decided by King Salman will remain in effect from today for 21 days. The curfew will start from 7 pm local time, until 6 am, as reported by the official Spa agency. On Friday Saudi Arabia announced the stop for at least 14 days for all internal and international flights, rail connections, buses and taxis. Yesterday, al-Jazeera satellite TV reported, it was confirmed that in the Gulf monarchy there are 511 cases of Covid-19.

9.15 am – The virus in Russia

The number of people who contracted Coronavirus in Russia has grown to 438 on the last day. This was stated by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. “In Russia the situation is not as serious as in other countries, especially in Europe. On the last day 71 cases were recorded and 17 people recovered: a total of 438 people were infected, “said Mishustin in a meeting with deputy prime ministers. Tass reports it.

9.10 am – Weinstein infected

Harry Weinstein, the former Hollywood tycoon sentenced to 23 years in prison for rape, would have tested positive for the Covd-19 test. Several American media reports, including the Niagara gazette and Deadline. Michael Powers, president of the New York State Correctional Officers and Police Benevolent Association, confirmed the news to Sky News. Contacted by the press agency Dpa, Weinstein’s spokesman, Juda Engelmayer, said he had not been informed about it.

9.05 am – The cases in the world

The cases of Coronavirus in the world are now approaching 340 thousand, while the number of deaths has exceeded the threshold of 14,700 units. The healed reach almost 99,000. And what emerges from the latest bulletin released by Johns Hopkins University. To be exact, the number of people infected is 339,259, the number of deaths has reached 14,706, while the people recovered are 98,834.

9 am – Italy asks the USA for help

Italy allegedly asked for help from US Defense Secretary Mark Esper in the midst of the Coronavirus emergency. Cnn said so, citing a US Defense official that the Italian defense ministry had launched a direct appeal to Esper for the supply of medical medical materials such as masks and respirators. According to the CNN, the Italian government would also have asked the assistance of the US military stationed in our country for field hospitals and medical personnel in order to support the Italian forces already committed to dealing with the emergency.


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