Coronavirus, Mourinho takes the field: helps the elderly with food and medicine. VIDEO


The Coronavirus emergency remains topical in Italy and also in England, a second home for the Tottenham manager. Mou’s initiative is really special: he took the field next to the “Age UK” association in support of the elderly: here he is in action struggling with food and medicines to be distributed in London


Special One in name and in fact. The emergency Coronavirus it is a battle to be faced all together, in Italy and beyond. Maximum attention even in England, A country that has now become a second home for José Mourinho. And in his own way, the 57-year-old Portuguese coach of Tottenham also wanted to offer his contribution in a difficult moment. Mou has taken the field in support of the elderly together with the “Age UK” association operating in London. Here it is with gloves and mask struggling with food, medicines and basic necessities to be distributed to people closed at home because of the pandemic. And it was really special José’s visit to some elders in Enfield in the north of the city, destined to remain in their homes for the next three weeks as indicated by the British health authorities. “I’m giving ‘Age UK’ and LoveYourDoorStep Enfield a little help,” Mourinho confided in a video that’s circulating on the web. A golden heart for a very special coach.


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