Coronavirus in the world, more than 400 thousand cases. In the US 50 thousand, but Trump: “We will reopen at Easter”


Rome, March 24, 2020 – Il Coronavirus continues to ramp in world, according to the latest news, the cases have exceeded the quota 400 thousand (407 485). The death toll has risen to over 18,000 (18,227 deaths in 169 countries), reads the latest bulletin from Johns Hopkins University. There are 101,806 people healed. In Europe the cases are beyond 200 thousand, most in Italy, where there are 63,927 infected and in Spain with 39,673 patients, according to an AFP count based on official data. There are 10,732 deaths across Europe, the continent most affected by the pandemic. Always according to the AFP count, in the world I am over 2.6 billion people forced home because of government restrictions to stem the spread of the virus. (The most affected countries are: China, Italy, the United States, Spain, Germany, Iran and France)

Spain, 40 thousand infected

The emergency continues to worsen Spain. In 24 hours they registered 514 more victims, a 23.5% increase in deaths, almost 2,700 in all. According to data from the Ministry of Health, reported by El Pais, the total cases ascertained are about 40 thousand, of which 6,584 only today, equal to an increase of 19.8%. Health workers infected in the country have risen to 5,400, 2,000 in the last two days, according to El Mundo. Spain on the tenth day of a state of emergency. Congress’s decision on an extension of the restrictive measures for another 15 days is awaited tomorrow. In the alone Madrid 1,535 people died, 57% of the total deaths, including 272 in the last 24 hours.

Gb, first day of lockdown

Today is first lockdown day in the UK, with police mobilized to enforce the restrictions announced yesterday by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to contain the epidemic. “You have to stay at home,” warned the premier, announcing the closure of all “non-essential shops” and authorizing people to travel only to purchase food and medicine or to go to work. In Britain the epidemic caused the death of 422 people. Tampons continue to try to stem the virus: 90,436 people have been tested. The infected are official 8,077, according to the Guardian who cites government sources.

Germany, over 30 thousand cases

In Germany there are 30,150 cases recorded, according to John Hopkins University. The dead are 130. The data of the Robert Koch Institut, the largest epidemiological center in the country, which takes into account only the official reports from the German Laenders: 27,436 infections and 114 deaths, is somewhat more contained. The most affected region is the North Rhine Westphalia, where the 8,200 infections have been exceeded, Bavaria follows with over 5,700 and from Baden Wuerttemberg with 5,300 cases. And to confirm the doubts about the relatively low lethality Covid-19 in Germany has thought of the German MEP Peter Liese of the CDU, a member of the ENVI Committee (Environment, Health and Food Safety), of medical profession. According to Liese, the number of German deaths registered below Italy and France are due to several factors, the main one being it is the “underestimate” of cases of contagion, which in other EU states is much more substantial. About 80 thousand employees of the German automotive group Volkswagen they will go in layoffs, due to the coronavirus emergency. Factories closed temporarily in Europe, and some in America, and Russia.

France, two months of emergency

There France officially entered a state of emergency for two months. Isolation and other measures restricting personal freedoms decided by the government are expected. The numbers of transalpine contagions increase dramatically. In 48 hours 5 doctors died. According to the head of the emergency room of the Pompidou Hospital, Philippe Juvin, in Ile-de-France alone, the region with Paris, among the health personnel there are “a few hundred” positives.
The Minister of Agriculture, Didier Guillaume, has launched an appeal to all those who “no longer have a business” due to the Coronavirus crisis, to “join the great army of French agriculture” in search of manpower.

In France confirmed cases have gone up to 22,300 and the deaths are 1,100. In 24 hours I am 240 people died. Hospitals on the edge with 10 thousand hospitalized. “The epidemic is getting worse. Stay home, “said Health Director General Jerome Salomon.

EU countries secure borders

“All EU countries, except Ireland, and all Schengen associated states have applied” the proposal of the EU Commission “of a temporary restriction for unnecessary travel from third countries “, the spokesman for the European Commission, Eric Mamer, announced. Ireland was unable to implement the temporary travel restriction measure because it has a ‘Common Travel Area’ with the United Kingdom.

Via restrictions in Hubei and Wuhan

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world Chinese province of Hubei from tomorrow will remove the limits to the displacements imposed two months ago in the efforts for contagion. Green light for all residents with ‘green code‘, therefore without risk of contagion. Even the capital Wuhan, the outbreak of the pandemic, will see restrictions fall, but only starting from April 8th. Chinese health authorities have reported a new case of Coronavirus in Wuhan, the first in six days.

Usa, 50 thousand infections. Trump: “We will reopen at Easter”

“The cure can’t be worse than the disease,” he says Trump who already wants to reopen the US and in 15 days he could decide to loosen the contagion control rules. Trump wants to reopen the economic activities by Easter holidays April 12. “I would like to have the country open and ready by Easter “, said the president in an interview with Fox News. But cases in the United States (contagions in all 50 states) continue to rise and close to high 50 thousand (49,768), with more than 600 dead (627), the CNN reports: it is the first time in a single day that the death toll exceeds 100 units. A spokeswoman for the World Health Organization says that 85% of the cases reported in the past 24 hours have been in Europe and the United States and that there is a “great acceleration” in the number of cases in the US that can become the next epicenter of the epidemic.


Washington stop all activities “non essential “, the mayor announced Muriel Bowser who attacked President Trump: “It is alarming that he wants to put the economy above human lives.” The epicenter of the epidemic in the Uni States is New York, where the infections are almost touching i 26,000 cases, with the death toll rises to at least 210. The governor of the state said so Andrew Cuomo during the daily press conference. In neighboring New Jersey there are 2,844 cases with 27 deaths. Cuomo also criticized the president: “There is no competition between choosing between reopening the economy and saving lives.” Donald Trump is at the center of the controversy since he said of want to reopen the US economy so as not to damage it with excessively restrictive anti-coronavirus measures.

South Korea

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention South Korea has recorded 76 new cases of Coronavirus in the country, thus bringing the total number of infected people to 9,037. The authorities are especially concerned about cases imported from Europe, twenty in the last 24 hours and 67 in total. On the other hand, deaths due to Covid-19 rose to 120, as explained by the Yonhap news agency. On the other hand, 3,507 people have recovered in the Asian country.

Russia, Putin visits hospital

The Russian president Vladimir Putin visited the Moscow hospital where infected patients are hospitalized. Putin moved after the mayor of the city, Sergei Sobyanin, denounced, in a meeting with the same president, that nobody actually knows what the situation is in terms of spreading the epidemic in Russia. Putin in a yellow protective suit and a protective helmet visited the hospital wards and congratulated the staff doctors for the work done so far. The data provided by Moscow speak of less than 500 infected, but Sobyanin himself underlined that the volume of tests carried out across the country is insufficient, consequently the perception of risk by the governors of the regions is incorrect.


In the rest of the world

In Holland the death toll has risen to 276, with 63 deaths in the past 24 hours. Contagions are also on the rise: 5560, with 811 new cases compared to yesterday. Already since yesterday the measures to contain the virus have been tightened up to June 1st. The population must remain at home, except to go to work and shop.

The Laos confirms its first two cases of Coronavirus. I am a tour guide who has worked with visitors from Europe and an employee of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Vientiane. Until now, Laos and Myanmar were the only two nations of Southeast Asisatico that had not recorded any case of Covid-19.

L’algeria records two new deaths and 34 confirmed cases: the total death toll at 19 and 264 infected. First death also in Saudi Arabia, it is an Afghan. In the Wahhabi kingdom, the number of infections has increased by 205 in the past 24 hours, bringing the total to 767 United Arab Emirates there are 50 new cases, some of which are foreigners: 2 Iranians, a Frenchman, 2 Spaniards and 3 Americans. The number of total cases in the Emirates is 248.

A 62-year-old Briton died last night in Boa Vista, island of the archipelago of Cape Verde, after contracting the disease. This is the first death for Covid-19 in the Cape Verde archipelago. Authorities have detected two other cases on the island.

Turkey, another 343 cases in the last 24 hours, the total balance of infected people at 1,872. Seven new victims, for a total of 44 people died.

The live map of contagions in the world

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