Coronavirus. In Ravenna 185 cases, 32 more and one death. The number of cases in Emilia-Romagna rises to 5,214



On March 11, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced the new measures to prevent and combat the spread of Coronavirus: here is the summary of main government measures in force since Thursday 12 March (decree of 11 March with measures in force until 25 March; decree of 9 March with measures in force until 3 April).



CLOSED retail business, with the exception of food and basic necessities

CLOSED markets, with the exception of activities aimed at selling only food

CLOSED the activities of the catering services (including bars, pubs, restaurants, ice cream parlors, patisseries) – only catering with home delivery is allowed in compliance with hygiene and health standards

CLOSED activities relating to personal services (including hairdressers, barbers, beauticians and tattoo artists)

OPEN, only the following activities: laundries and funeral homes


In detail:

  • hypermarkets
  • supermarkets
  • food discount stores
  • mini-markets and other non-specialized food shops
  • trade to the detail of products surgelati
  • non-specialized retail trade in computers, peripherals, telecommunications equipment, audio and video consumer electronics, household appliances
  • retail sale of food, beverages and tobacco in specialized stores
  • retail sale of automotive fuel in specialized stores (petrol stations)
  • retail sale of IT and telecommunications equipment (ICT) in specialized stores
  • trade to the detail of ferramenta, paintings, flat glass and electrical and termoidraulico material
  • retail sale of sanitary equipment
  • retail sale of items for lighting
  • retail sale of newspapers, magazines and periodicals (newsagents)
  • pharmacies
  • retail sale in other specialized stores of non-prescription medicines (parapharmacies)
  • retail sale of medical and orthopedic items in specialized (health) stores
  • retail sale of perfumery articles, toilet products and personal hygiene
  • trade to the detail of small domestic animals
  • trade to the detail of material for optics and photography
  • retail sale of household fuel and heating fuel
  • trade to the detail of soaps, detersivi, produced for the lucidatura and affini
  • retail sale of any type of product via the internet
  • retail sale of any type of television product
  • trade to the detail of any type of product for correspondence, radius, telephone
  • trade carried out by means of vending machines

OPEN newsagents, tobacconists, pharmacies, parapharmacies (the interpersonal safety distance of one meter must in any case be guaranteed).

OPEN the food and beverage administration exercises located in the service and refueling areas located along the road, highway and railway, airport, lakeside stations and hospitals, ensuring the interpersonal safety distance of one meter.

OPEN BANKS AND INSURANCE – GUARANTEED, nand compliance with hygiene and health standards, banking, financial and insurance services

OPEN PRODUCTIVE ACTIVITIES – Industries and factories and logistics will be able to continue to carry out their production activities, assuming adequate safety protocols to protect their workers – GUARANTEED the activity of the agricultural, livestock and agri-food processing sector including the supply chains that supply goods and services.


CLOSING PARKS, GARDENS, BEACHES, PINETE – Governmental measures have been implemented and specified by Ordinances of the Municipalities that have closed beaches, pine forests, parks, as we have already communicated in recent days. The Region has also decided, in order to avoid gatherings of people, public parks and gardens are closed to the public.

USE OF BICYCLE AND TRAVELING ON FOOT – The President of the Emilia-Romagna Region orders that from March 19 to April 3 lUse of the bicycle and walking are allowed only for the reasons allowed for the movement of individuals (work, health reasons or other needs such as food purchases).

MOTOR ACTIVITY OR EXIT WITH ANIMAL – In the event that the motivation is motor activity (walking for health reasons) or going out with the pet for its physiological needs, the Region has established that it is obliged to stay close to your home (from March 19 to April 3).

OTHER MEASURES FROM THE REGION AND THE MUNICIPALITIES – In order to further combat the forms of gathering of people to protect public health on the regional territory, the Region has ordered that the opening of the food and drink administration establishments, pursuant to the Prime Ministerial Decree of 11 March 2020, located in the service and refueling areas:

a) it is permitted along the motorway network (art 2, co. 2, letter A of the highway code) and along the network of main suburban roads (art. 2 co. 2 letter B of the highway code);
b) is allowed only for the time slot that goes from six to 18 from Monday to Sunday, for businesses located along the secondary suburban roads (art. 2 co. 2 letter C of the highway code);
c) it is not allowed in the service and refueling areas located in the classified road sections that pass through inhabited centers.

These measures are also in force from March 19 to April 3.

SUSPENDED LEGAL GAMES – The Municipalities of the Province of Ravenna established from March 19 to March 25 immediate suspension of all types of lawful gaming throughout the provincial territory which provide cash winnings by way of example but not limited to: new slots, scratch cards, 10 and lotto.

CLOSING OF CEMETERIES AND WATER HOUSES – Municipalities have decided the closure of cemeteries to the public with the exception of service operators and people who require access to the funeral; is the closure of the so-called “water houses” for the delivery of public water.



Any form of gathering of people in public places or open to the public is prohibited.

The movement of natural persons entering and leaving the territories, as well as within the same, is prohibited, except for movements motivated by

  • proven working needs
  • situations of necessity
  • travel for health reasons.

Return to your home, home or residence is allowed.

People with symptoms of respiratory infection and fever (greater than 37.5 ° C) are strongly recommended to stay at their home and limit social contacts as much as possible, by contacting their doctor.

Absolute prohibition of mobility from one’s home or dwelling for subjects virus positive results e subjected to quarantine measurement.

SPORTS EVENTS AND COMPETITIONS SUSPENDED – Sports events and competitions of all kinds and disciplines are SUSPENDED, in public or private places. The sports facilities can be used, behind closed doors, only for the training sessions of athletes, professionals and non-professionals, recognized as being of national interest by the CONI and their respective federations, in view of their participation in the Olympic games or in national and international events.

Only the holding of sporting events and competitions organized by international sports bodies, inside sports facilities used behind closed doors, or outdoors without the presence of the public, is permitted; in all such cases, the associations and sports clubs, through their medical staff, are required to carry out the appropriate checks to contain the risk of spreading the virus among athletes, technicians, managers and all accompanying persons.

Outdoor sports and physical activities are allowed provided they are not in a group.

SUSPENDED EVENTS AND EVENTS – All organized events are SUSPENDED, as well as events in public or private places, including those of a cultural, recreational, sporting, religious and fair nature, even if held in closed places but open to the public, such as, for example , GREAT EVENTS, CINEMAS, THEATERS, DANCE SCHOOLS, GAMES ROOMS, BETTING ROOMS AND BINGO ROOMS, DISCOTHEQUES AND SIMILAR LOCALS; in these places all activities are suspended

SUSPENDED NESTS, SCHOOLS AND UNIVERSITIES – EDUCATIONAL SERVICES for children and didactic activities in schools of all levels are suspended, as well as the attendance of school and higher education activities, including universities and institutions of advanced artistic, musical and choreutic education, of professional courses, masters, courses for the health professions and universities for the elderly, as well as professional courses and training activities carried out by other public bodies, including local and local authorities and private individuals, without prejudice in any case to the possibility of carrying out training activities at distance with the exception of courses for doctors in specialist training and specific training courses in general medicine, as well as the activities of trainees in the health professions.


Meetings of the collegial bodies in attendance are suspended.

PLACES OF WORSHIP, CIVIL AND RELIGIOUS CEREMONIES – The opening of places of worship is conditional on the adoption of organizational measures such as to avoid gatherings of people, taking into account the size and characteristics of the places, and such as to guarantee visitors the possibility of respecting the distance between them of at least one meter . CIVIL AND RELIGIOUS CEREMONIES ARE SUSPENDED, INCLUDING THESE FUNERALS.

CLOSED MUSEUMS, INSTITUTES AND PLACES OF CULTURE – Museums and other institutes and places of culture, including libraries, are CLOSED.

TAXISTS AND DRIVERS OF VEHICLES FOR RENT WITH DRIVER – They MUST wear a mask and gloves and they are recommended to regularly sanitize the vehicle (from 11 March to 3 April).

SUSPENDED GYMS, SWIMMING POOLS, WELLNESS CENTERS, SOCIAL CENTERS AND DAY CENTERS – The activities of gyms, sports centers, swimming pools, swimming centers, spas, spas (except for the provision of services falling within the essential levels of assistance), cultural centers, social centers, recreational centers are SUSPENDED. In order to prevent even more effectively the risk of contagion in the elderly and disabled population, the suspension of the activity of the semi-residential centers for the elderly and the disabled (day centers) and socio-occupational centers for the disabled throughout the region is arranged. encouraging, where possible, home care paths.

MEETINGS – In all possible cases, in the course of meetings, remote connection methods with particular reference to health and socio-sanitary structures, public utility services and coordination activated within the emergency are adopted, in any case ensuring compliance with the safety distance interpersonal one meter and avoiding gatherings

COMPETITIONS – Public and private bankruptcy procedures are SUSPENDED, with the exception of cases in which the evaluation of candidates is carried out exclusively on curricular basis or electronically; competitions for health personnel, including state and qualification examinations for the practice of surgeon, and those for civil protection personnel, which must preferably take place remotely or are excluded from the suspension. otherwise, guaranteeing the interpersonal safety distance of one meter

Coronavirus rules


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