Coronavirus in Italy, 41,035 positive cases and 3,405 deaths. We have passed China


In Italy, since the outbreak of Coronavirus, 41,035 people contracted the Sars-CoV-2 virus.

Only today there are 5,322 infections more than yesterday for a growth of 14.9%.

The balance goes up 3.4o5 people died, with 427 deaths today alone. With today Italy overtakes China which counted 3,130 deaths from the coronavirus epidemic.



So far they have healed 4,440 have healed, only today 415.

Currently there are 33,190 positive subjects (the bill rises to 41,035 – as mentioned above – if there are also dead and healed in the calculation).

Patients admitted with sthere are 15,757; 2,498 are in intensive care (+241, + 10.7%), while 14,935 are in fiduciary home isolation.

Many regions are beginning to correct ordinances to make them more stringent.

With a new ordinance the governor of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Massimiliano Fedriga from tomorrow it forbids going out for walks or for outdoor sports and requires the mayors to close all public or open public gathering places. In addition, all businesses of any nature, except for pharmacies, parapharmacies and newsstands, will be closed on Sunday.



«I had a long talk with Minister Boccia and we are studying other measures, but above all we are studying ways to ensure that those already adopted are respected. I will formally ask that the Safe Roads program, therefore with the use of the military on the street, be extended to all Lombardy, to give an element of deterrence». This was announced by the Lombard governor Attilio Fontana to “Afternoon Five “.

Brazil has decided to close all land borders to limit the spread of the coronavirus. In Asia, Pakistan also closed its borders with India for two weeks.

The situation of coronavirus infection in Spain is taking on increasingly dramatic connotations. While in Italy the number of deaths (2,978) could today exceed that of China (3249), in fact, in Spain the spread of the virus is concentrated mainly in Madrid. It is in the hospitals of the capital that – according to what reported by the newspaper El Pais – there would be one death every 16 minutes.

The National Federation of Medical Orders (Fnomceo) reported the deaths of two doctors from Como, Luigi Frusciante of general medicine and Giuseppe Lanati, pulmonologist. The two join the three victims among the white coats: Luigi Ablondi, former general manager of the Crema Hospital, who died on March 16; Antonino Buttafuoco, a general practitioner from Bergamo, who lost his life yesterday and Giuseppe Finzi, a hospital doctor from Cremona, who died today. The total number of doctors who died from coronavirus rises to 14, according to data in the possession of Fnomceo.

The latest bulletin released by Johns Hopkins University reports it: to be exactthe dead are now 8,957, while the number of cases of contagion ascertained has risen to 220,691. So far 84,161 people have been healed

Cases of coronavirus infection in Germany rose to 10,999. That’s what the Robert Koch Institut officially registered this morning. Compared to yesterday, there was an increase of 2801 cases, an impressive figure which confirms that the disease is spreading exponentially, as stated by the president of the institute Lothar Wieler




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