Coronavirus, Fontana and the Lombard mayors: “New squeeze needed to exit tunnel”


Milan, March 20, 2020 – The governor of the Lombardy region Attilio Fontana commented on measures taken by the government in the evening: “I rate this ordinance a measure to accentuate the spacing measures and making them homogeneous on the whole national territory, above all to prevent the next weekend from becoming an opportunity for fun. Upon expiry – March 25 – of dcpm we are sure that the government will take over truly effective measures and decisive in the fight against the virus. There Lombardy expects this to exit the tunnel“.

The requests of the Region and mayors

Attilio Fontana, the mayors of the provincial capitals of Lombardy, the president of Anci Lombardia and that of Upl, met in the afternoon today: “It is a compact front the one with which the Lombardy calls on the government to put in place stringent new limitations to counter the spread of Coronavirus “. “We have sent a series of proposals that, should it not be deemed appropriate to apply across the country, it would still come implemented throughout Lombardy. The data on the health emergency force us to act in the shortest possible time: only with a further action to contain interpersonal contacts can we try to reverse an increasingly serious trend “.

Among the further and numerous requests sent today by the Region and the mayors to the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, which is proposed remain in effect until 30 April, the following should also be noted: the suspension of the activity of public offices, without prejudice to the provision of essential and public utility services; the suspension of all weekly citizen markets. Furthermore, the suspension of activities related to personal services (including tobacconists, hairdressers, barbers, beauticians); the closure of the activities of the professional firms except those relating to the non-deferrable services. The requests to the government also provide for the shutdown of activities on temporary construction sites, the closure of the so-called ‘h24’ vending machines which distribute drinks and packaged food; the prohibition to practice sports and physical activities carried out outdoors, even individually. The would remain open newsagents, pharmacies, parapharmacies but in any case guaranteeing the interpersonal safety distance of one meter.

Gori: close everything

Also agree with Fontana on the need for even clearer measures mayor of Bergamo Giorgio Gori: “For at least ten days I say that all non-essential activities must be closed. Strategic supply chains – food, health, energy – are safeguarded close the rest. What is the point of keeping a button or toy factory open and forbidding citizens from jogging in the countryside? “” It took us a few days to understand, we have wrong also noi, me too. For a few days – we were already in the yellow zone – we thought we could keep it together caution, compliance with the rules, safety distances, and lnormal life. We were worried about the virus, but also about the economic activities of our cities, the shops, the studios, the bars, the life itself in our fellow citizens. But that balance could not hold. ”

Botta and answer Sala-Fontana

And on the criticisms of the mayor Sala for the mileage queues in front of supermarkets, provoked according to the first citizen by the anticipation yesterday of the hypothesis of a reduction in opening hours, Fontana observes: “Up to five minutes ago the mayor” of Milan “said that there should be no controversy. I am surprised that the mayor has controversy, I still don’t want to do it. “I said yesterday that it is necessary to take other stricter measures, I repeat. Since I always wanted to keep a close and coherent relationship with the Government first I submit the requests to the Government and, on the basis of the answer, I will eventually respond autonomously, but it seems to me that they are minor controversies “.

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