Coronavirus, doctor Gino Fasoli dies: he had returned from retirement to help colleagues


«Gino, can you help us out? The surgeries are unmanned because many of us have gone to the hospital to help our colleagues on the front line or because they have fallen ill. But patients need someone to listen to them. You can do it?…”. When asked to put on the white coat, he didn’t hesitate for a moment. Answering yes to the call to arms. After all, he could never refuse someone like Gino Fasoli, 73 years old, from Abruzzo, never married, a youth spent wearing the Franciscan cassock left to graduate in medicine. And thus becoming a doctor with a boundless curriculum, enriched by volunteer experiences in Africa. Gino has been infected by Covid-19. And he died at 5.45 on March 14 at the San Rocco clinical institute in Ome, the hospital closest to Passirano, in Brescia, where he lived. «On the 6th he told me not to be too well, but nothing serious, just a headache and a fever» says from Sulmona (in L’Aquila) his brother Giuseppe, 70 years old, ex-petty officer of the Army and then banker now retired. But Gino’s condition has rapidly deteriorated. “I phoned him on the 10th to ask him how he was and he, with a whisper, replied to me like this:” I can’t speak. ” And he hung up. Since then I have never been able to hear it. In the aftermath of his friends they had him transferred to the hospital. After he tested positive for the swab, they intubated him. And at 8 o’clock on the 14th they called me from the hospital to tell me he was dead. ”

20 doctors died

The ex Franciscan is another doctor who joins the list of fallen colleagues, already 20. White coats who have not backed away from the coronavirus, remaining among the sick and patients who have continued to assist, visit, operate. “An unequal fight with bare hands” was the heartfelt cry of Filippo Anelli, president of the “National Federation of the Order of Surgeons and Dentists”. And now Giuseppe Fasoli cries when he says that «at the end of February my brother told me that they had finally given him a mask. “One a day?”, I asked. “No, just one” ». The former friar was a family doctor in Cazzago San Martino for many years. He also held the position of medical director of the Bornato emergency room, also in Brescia. Active supporter of Emergency and “MSF”, he had had experiences abroad and in Somalia he was even kidnapped. “It happened years ago – Giuseppe recalls -, he was the doctor of an Italian company that had a construction site on the border with Eritrea. He was taken to have him treated in a village, then they released him. ” Once retired “he wanted to go back to Africa but I objected:” what happened is not enough for you? ” But Gino was like that, a generous man. For this he returned to the clinic, excited to help his colleagues in a terrible moment ». On social networks, his patients remember him saying that “when there was help from others, he was always in the front row”. “Yes, it was just like that – murmurs the Corsican brother to take the body for the funeral in Sulmona – but I only know that Gino is no longer here.”

March 23, 2020 (change March 23, 2020 | 07:00)



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