Coronavirus, Chinese Red Cross: “Measures not rigid enough, everything must be closed”


“We must stop all economic activities, everyone must stay at home, everyone must make their contribution. People’s life is the most important thing, we don’t have a second choice in front of life. Here you don’t have strict enough measures, there is it’s people on the street, public transport works, you have people in hotels, don’t wear masks, “said Shuopeng, remembering that” a Wuhan hospitals were able to start treating patients and reduce the number of sick people a month after adopting the complete blockade. “” If quarantine measures are increased – he added – it is easier to find exposed people who can have treatment best”.

“I will certainly speak to the Prime Minister to understand what can be done in the shortest possible time,” added Fontana. His request will be “to take the measures that have been suggested” with a stop to productive activities and public transport.

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