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Sad news came from the Boxing National Team, which went to London, England for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games European Quota Competitions, which is expected to go into the rings between 14-24 March, but returned halfway due to the corona threat and returned home last week. Turkey Boxing Federation President Eyup Gözgeç, an athlete explained that a positive corona virus test conducted in coach.

In his written statement from the official website of Turkey Boxing Federation “Corona virus tests performed by Serhat Güler, one of our athletes, and Seyfullah Dumlupınar, one of our National Team Coaches, with high fever complaints were positive and their treatments were started.”Was said.

Gözgeç said, “All our team and technical team have been taken into quarantine by taking necessary precautions and taking into consideration the warnings from the moment they returned home. However, the tests of our athletes and coaches are positive at the moment. But there is nothing to be afraid of. They are not advanced. All of them are currently under treatment. It was even reported that one of our athletes would leave the hospital and continue their quarantine from home. All of our athletes are under control and their tests continue. ”


Turkey Boxing National Team, March 17, 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games in England on Tuesday after the suspension of the European quota Müsabakaları’nda, returned home. The form that they filled in the national lot that landed at Istanbul Airport was not quarantined and sent to their homes. Expressing themselves in home quarantine procedures will apply Boxing Federation President Eyup Turkey selfless, “We were not quarantined. There is a form, you fill out the form and leave. Are there any complaints, cough, fever? We were together with our team in the morning and evening, nothing happened in any of us. We protected ourselves well and came here ” He made a statement.

Boxing National Team returned from England, not quarantined!

Boxing National Team returned from England, not quarantined!


Turkey Boxing Federation President Eyup Gözgeç, Demirören News Agency (DHA) said in a statement, they were required to answer questions at the airport and return to the country after all voiced their convoy sent home. Gözgeç said, “We have implemented quarantine operations in all our lot houses, including me. However, the tests of one of our athletes and a trainer in our party were positive. In the rest, we give the tests according to the symptoms and we expect the time to expire. We closely follow the health of the party. Necessary actions will be taken depending on the situation. We will inform you in line with the developments. We are waiting for the test results of some of our athletes. ”

The names of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games that go to the European Quota Competitions are as follows:

Eyüp Gözgeç (Federation President), İsmail Nazlı (Fed. Officer), M. Erhan Ergençoğlu (Fed. Officer) Reimundo Zamora Nunez (Head Coach), Seyfullah Dumlupınar (Coach), Vedat Demirkol (Coach), Cahit Süme (Coach) , Nazım Yiğit (Coach), Muhammet Ali branches (Coach) Buğra Sarp (Physiotherapist), Ahmet Dede (Cutman), Batuhan Çiftçi (52 kg), Hakan Doğan (57 kg), Tuğrulhan Erdemir (63 kg), Necat Ekinci (69 kg), Serhat Güler (75 kg), Bayram Malkan (81 kg), Mücahit İlyas (91 kg), Eren Uzun (+91 kg), Buse Naz Çakıroğlu (51 kg), Aycan Güldağı (57 kg), Esra Yıldız ( 60 kg), Busenaz Sürmeneli (69 kg), Şennur Demir (75 kg)


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