Close factories? Prime Minister Conte summons entrepreneurs and unions


ROME – Extraordinary meeting at Palazzo Chigi between the government and the social partners (in video conference). Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has summoned the representatives of companies and unions to evaluate the effectiveness of the measures taken in the last few days, starting with the Protocol for safety in the workplace, in addition to those in support of the economy. But above all to evaluate the situation in the factories. The request for the meeting came from CGIL, CISL and UIL, so that a decision can be taken to completely close all non-essential industrial activities.THE LETTER OF TRADE UNIONS

“In the spirit and with the goal that led us responsibly to sign the Protocol – reads the letter that the unions wrote to Palazzo Chigi – and to manage positively these days the use of social safety nets and the safety of health of people in the workplace, we ask you to evaluate the possible need for even more rigorous measures to suspend non-essential activities at this stage for our country.An intervention that should concern, at the moment, only Lombardy, but which could – subsequently – concern the whole national territory if it were not possible to guarantee adequate safety levels. An intervention also urged by local administrators, starting from the mayor of Bergamo, Giorgio Gori.

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