Buffon is expected to continue in Juventus until the age of 43


The never ending legend has not yet reached its end. Juventus is about to offer veteran goalkeeper Janaluigi Buffon to extend his contract for a year, allowing him to play until he is 43. His current contract is set to end this summer.

Buffon has participated in 11 games in Yuba uniform this season after returning from Paris Saint-Germain. Although he had reached the age of 42, he had no intention of retiring.

Gianluigi Buffon (Photo: AFP)Never-ending. Janloigi Buffon (Photo: AFP)

In addition, management intends to also offer Giorgio Kailini and Belz Matwidy to extend their termination contracts at the end of the current season. The 35-year-old Italian brake is wearing

The bianconeri uniform since 2005 and recently returned to activity after recovering from injury. The French midfielder, who arrived in Juventus in 2017 and recently contracted the Corona virus, partnered this season in 31 games. />


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