Avigdor Vilentz led a $ 17.5 million investment in Israeli quantum computing startup


The Israeli startup is developing a chip and software that will be the quantum computer’s “operating system”, on which all technology giants work

First investment in quantum computing for Avigdor Vilentz, one of Israel’s most successful investors and entrepreneurs, who has already sold several chip companies he founded: Thursday, Israeli startup Quantum Machines (Quantum Machines), which developed a quantum computer control and operation system, completed $ 17.5 million. Avigdor Vilentz led the fundraising round with Harel, and participated in the funds that led to the previous round – TLV Partners and Battery Ventures.

Quantum computer operating system

Various quantum computing systems now include a variety of technologies. The core is attributed to the quantum processor that sits within a large system that is cooled to a temperature of minus 272 degrees – and actually allows the quantum behavior to exist. Next to the quantum processor we can find a classic processor, such as the one found on servers for example, and it is designed to run the quantum processor and run the algorithms on it.

This computer’s orchestration system is built from the advanced processor it has developed Quantum Machines In Israel, which runs the most complex algorithms on quantum processors; And from electronics and RF systems that allow the quantum to classical processors to communicate. So the development of Quantum Machines is actually a kind of quantum computer control and operation system, which enables complicated algorithms to run most efficiently and quickly.

In addition, the company’s system samples the output coming from the quantum processor, providing real-time insights into it, thus constantly improving the systems. According to the company, this loop is unique to its system, and is made using developed hardware and software layers running on it.

The company explains that with their development, complex algorithms, quantum error correction, calibration of complex systems and support for the increase in the number of cubits will be possible.

Quantum Machines was founded in 2018 by researchers Dr. Nissim Ofek, Dr. Itamar Sivan, and Dr. Jonathan Cohen, who have conducted their research in recent years in the field of quantum computing with an emphasis on quantum electronics. Along with the current round of funding, the company has raised $ 23 million since its inception.

Speaking to GeekTim, Dr. Itamar Sivan tells the company’s CEO that quantum computers today are not a theory, but a reality: “Quantum computers today still need to make another leap in processor size and our ability to operate processors optimally. Once that happens, we will wake up to a world where quantum computers begin to solve the most complicated computational problems that no classic computer will ever succeed. From there, the sky is the limit. ”

Avigdor Vilentz, one of Israel’s most successful investors and entrepreneurs, knows a thing or two about chip companies. In 2000, he sold Galileo to Marvel for $ 2.7 billion; He then set up Annapurna Labs and sold it to Amazon in 2015 for about $ 350 million; Finally, he was an investor and chairman of the board of directors of Habana Labs, which was sold earlier this year to Intel for about $ 2 billion. Willenz said in reference to the recruitment: “The race for commercial quantum computers is one of the most significant technological challenges of our generation. Our goal at QM is to bring this technology to realization faster, and position ourselves as a key and leading factor in the emerging industry. ”

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