Ats Brescia calls: 74 medical students answer


Behind the first line there is always a reinforcement area. Where we collect information, evaluate the results, we help monitor the situation. This also happens inside the Ats of Brescia, where the call center activities of the 74 volunteer students of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Brescia.

Many fifth and sixth year students responded to the appeal launched in recent days by Ats, which asked for a hand to support all control activities of the health system for the coronavirus emergency.

«We will stay at the call center for give informations to who calls on how to behave in case of suspicious symptoms, to follow who has been discharged from the hospital, who is in quarantine and collect epidemiological data – he explains Beatrice Gregorio, 24 years old, sixth year student – We were all happy to receive this proposal: it gives us the opportunity to make ourselves useful in the only way we can ».

Beatrice Gregorio – Photo ©

The organization of the initiative is in progress, but there is already talk of about twenty hours a week for each volunteer, divided into three or four shifts. «The situation in Ats will be in complete safety and even in my apartment, which I share with three other roommates, we have taken everything necessary to protect ourselves, between amuchina and masks – he says Francesco Donina, originally from Esine but domiciled in the city -. The commitment will not be burdensome and compatible even with online lessons and exams. Which are actually suspended now, because most of our teachers are working in the hospital ».

Francesco Donina – Photo ©

In short, those who joined made him convinced and with full knowledge of the facts. Many are off-school students, who like Carolina Venturini, who moved to Brescia from Verona, chose not to go home to protect their families: «Changing the Region at this time seemed too high a risk, especially for my parents – he says -. Who among us has not joined is because he or she lives with elderly relatives or is already part of Brescia Soccorso. For us, these initiatives are not exactly a questionable choice: we feel them necessary, as future doctors ».

Carolina Venturini – Photo ©