Asian stock markets rebound strongly – Economy


The Milan Stock Exchange bounces strongly at the opening with + 3%. Even the main European squares are starting up, with Frankfurt opening with + 5.7%.

The Tokyo Stock Exchange accelerates the recovery phase from the lows in almost 4 years, thanks to the progressive devaluation of the yen and the renewed optimism of investors on the stimulus plans of the Bank of Japan to contain the negative repercussions of the spread of the coronavirus. The Nikkei ended with a 7.13% gain at 118.092,35, adding 1,204 points. On the foreign exchange market, the Japanese currency depreciates against the dollar at 110.40, and against the euro at 119.20. Seoul closed the rally at + 8.60%. The Shanghai Stock Exchange closes at + 2.34%, Shenzen at + 2.10%


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