America bent by the coronavirus. But Trump does not close New York


Worldwide, coronavirus has reached the threshold of 650 thousand cases and 30 thousand deaths. In the United States alone, there are over 115,000 infections, 1900 died. The area most affected remains New York State, with more than 52 thousand people tested positive and 700 who did not make it. If the growth rate of the spread in the metropolitan area of ​​the Big Apple continues, it will become a more serious outbreak than those of Wuhan, the Chinese city from which the epidemic started, or of Lombardy, has raised the alarm the New York Times. Donald Trump is thinking of a possible “short-term, two-week” quarantine for “New York, probably New Jersey and parts of Connecticut,” he announced, pointing out that he would rather not do it, “but we may need it.” . A plan he didn’t discuss with the New York governor, however. “I haven’t talked to him about any quarantine,” Andrew Cuomo made clear, “I don’t even know what it means.”

The Democratic governor has announced that the presidential primaries will be moved from April 28 to June 23. “I don’t think it’s wise to bring many people to the same place to vote,” he remarked, “public health is our number one priority and we will keep this vital democratic process on a safer date.” By Monday, meanwhile, the hospital ship with 1,000 seats will be in town, although, according to Cuomo, there will be a need for about 140 thousand beds at the height of the pandemic. In the US, 15 states have now seen the disaster report approved by the White House, and Trump has also authorized defense secretary Mark Esper to recall reservists, who will join the National Guard.

While Russia, where there would be more than 1,200 infections and 4 deaths, has announced the closure of borders from Monday to contain the epidemic, China is trying to return to normal. There were 54 new cases in one day, all imported, according to the National Health Commission. Wuhan, the capital of the province of Hubei and the epicenter of the epidemic, after more than two months of suspension of transport has restarted the service for the trains arriving at its 17 railway stations, while the departure service will not be active until 8 April, when the city blockade is lifted. Domestic passenger flights at major Hubei airports, with the exception of Wuhan Tianhe international airport, will start again on Sunday, while international flights and flights to and from Beijing, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are still suspended. In addition, all 1,450 highway checkpoints in the province have been removed.

Positive signs also in South Korea, which reported 146 new cases and five deaths, but also 4,811 people discharged, registering for the first time more people recovered than those left in treatment.

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