A title that rises thanks to the crisis


Perhaps not everyone can imagine the way after the coronavirus crisis. It can be an idea a title that rises thanks to the crisis

According to Gordon Lichfield, director of Mit Technology Review, MIT magazine, so to speak, the world will change its way. The whole system of socialization and sharing will no longer be the same. And the way we work will also change.

The sectors to invest in

Needless to say, this emergency will not end overnight. And even in the event of a drop in infections, which will only happen in a long time, strict rules of control will have to be followed to avoid new outbreaks. With the result that teleworking will be an even more widespread and daily reality. Hence the need to implement the telephone network and infrastructure, primarily towers. With all the consequences for some sectors to invest in and that they will soon be in the foreground. Therefore the telecommunications companies and those that, in Italy, deal with the now notorious towers will certainly be called into question.

Investing on the stock market

For who wants invest on the stock market, therefore, it will be interesting to follow the development of the story on names like Telecom, Inwit and Enel. Just to name a few. In particular for Telecom, it should be noted that the company has recently published the data for 2019. If on the one hand revenues have appeared to be falling, on the other there has been good news of the decrease in debt. The best news, however, had the shareholders. In fact, the former state monopolist confirmed the return of the dividend on ordinary shares.

A title that rises thanks to the crisis

For a broader panorama, however, you can look at those companies that provide the sic et sempliciter video conferencing service. A name is that of Citrix (NASDAQ: CTXS) whose shares have seen a 20% increase since the beginning of the year. In other words it is the classic example of a title that rises thanks to the crisis. The reason is simple: employees around the world have been ordered to work from home and Citrix is ‚Äč‚Äčresponsible for providing tools for remote connections, video conferences and webinars. Never before is it becoming clear that teleworking, in addition to being comfortable, is also, in some cases, cheaper for the company that can save costs.


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