a fan imagines Spider-man in the white costume for quantum travel


While Spider-Man is forced to work from home in this nice parody entitled Spider man Work From Home, fans of the climber use the quarantine period for create very interesting fan art.

Yusha890 has in fact published on Instagram his interpretation of Spider-man wearing the white costume sported by many heroes in Avengers Endgame. As you will remember, the armor was specially designed to make trips to the quantum realm, in order to put things back in the past by gathering the Infinity Stones. Unfortunately Spider-man was unable to accompany Iron-man, Ant-man, Thor and the others precisely because he was among the characters “pulverized” by Thanos at the end of Infinity War.

A pity, because we could have added a new item of clothing to very long list of costumes belonging to Spider-Man. In the course of its history it has in fact exhibited any type of suit, surprising us with bright colors, bright effects and exclusive gadgets. After all, we’ve even seen him wear a space suit!

In this version we see white prevails, with only a few blue and red inserts. Obviously the Avengers logo could not be missing. What do you think of the costume? Would the good Peter Parker look good? Or is the suit shown in Endgame and Infinity War superior?

Meanwhile, another fan has imagined Wonder Woman in the final battle of Endgame.


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