“Want to play for Maccabi Haifa”: Donio’s message


(getty) | Photo: Sports 5

Twataha, will he return to Carmel at the end? (getty)
Twataha, will he return to Carmel at the end? (getty) | Photo: Sports 5

Maccabi Haifa has not yet completed the work of building the staff, with two players in charge: Goodsway Donio and Taleb Twataha. It seems that between the two, the offensive striker is closer to joining a club from Carmel. Donio sent a message to his associates: “I want to play for Maccabi Haifa, it’s a big club.”

The professional team is interested in Donio because he can play in both wings and also serve as a replacement for Nikita Rokavica. The offender is expected to be the sixth foreigner. The Greens are in talks with his Danish team, Nordsland, who are interested in selling him, as he has not been on the squad at all since returning from loan at Dynamo Dresden.

His contract expires at the end of the season and he will become a free agent. It is estimated that Maccabi Haifa will be able to reach an agreement with the Danes and Donio will join.

In Haifa, there is also optimism in the Twataha sector, despite the financial gaps between the parties. In Ludogorets he is not expected to stay. The left-back is highly valued at the club, and it is estimated that he will not receive a status like the Greens’ at a club of this magnitude.


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