‘Vmbo schools call for practical exams to be scrapped’ | NOW


VMBO schools want the practical exams to be canceled this school year. Due to the corona virus, schools have fallen behind that can no longer be made up, says Jan van Nierop, chairman of the VMBO Foundation (SPV) on Thursday. AD.

Before the summer holidays, students of vocational pre-vocational secondary education (basic and management) missed about thirteen weeks of practical lessons because the schools had to close due to the COVID-19 virus. It concerns about 90,000 students.

Pupils were sometimes given practical assignments for home, but most of the material could not be covered. “Half of the teaching time is for practical subjects. If we have to take central practical exams in April, we cannot make up,” Van Nierop told the newspaper. AD.

The VMBO schools want students to only have to take a written exam for the theory subjects this year, so that they can then catch up on the subject matter for the practical subjects. The schools are currently charting the backlog. According to the educational institutions, the examination must be adjusted accordingly.

VO council: ‘Slimmed-down version is also an option’

The VO council says in it AD seeing a slimmed-down version of the practical exam as an option. “For us, it’s about giving the students as many skills as possible. The time available should be spent to learn as much as possible,” says chairman Paul Rosenmöller.

Discussions with the Ministry of Education have so far led to nothing, according to Rosenmöller. “The ministry is afraid that if it admits one finger, there will also be a dent in the rest of the central exam. But if you look purely at the consequences of corona, these VMBO students will have really had less lessons. less lessons to take the same exam “, said the chairman of the VO council.

In a response to the newspaper, the Ministry of Education informs the newspaper that the practical exams can continue. Schools will be given extra time to take the exams. According to Van Nierop, this is far from making up for the backlog.


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