Video! Sigrid Kaag is the new D66 party leader, the party must become “the largest”, but with the same hollow management language!


Sigrid Kaag has become the new party leader of D66. In the video she tells that she will make D66 the largest party. Anyone who has doubts about whether she will succeed should watch the rest of the video. It is unbelievable what a barrage of management language flies around your ears! Already a hopeless case.
For those who are still looking for a party that likes to sprinkle with terms such as: ‘new leadership’, ‘together’, ‘everyone’ and ‘future’, but if movement also has the gift to sense the moment (now), and who clearly communicates that this time it is real (REALLY) is serious, he can contact D66. Yes, it is really that bad:

She came back to the Netherlands because she wanted to “take responsibility” and because as D66 they are “desperately needed”. She will fight “against polarization, against inequality and especially for the opportunities of everyone in the Netherlands”. Inspirational or not?

Really, how does she get that shit out of her mouth? And even worse: Why is this the campaign video? Someone who wants to keep society together, by “really combating polarization” and wants to combat populism in a “good way”.

I can still understand that you give such answers when you visit people’s doors. But that at D66 they are apparently under the assumption that this hollow story will actually convince people … That is too sad for words, isn’t it?

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