Vercauteren top candidate at Genk, but: “Thorup is free and wants to stay in Belgium”


After the dismissal of Hannes Wolf, KRC Genk is looking for a trainer with more experience. The name of Frank Vercauteren (63) is already mentioned in the corridors. Stef Wijnants thinks the arrival of the ex-champion maker would be the best choice, although the analyst also thinks of Jess Thorup.

The Limburger knows what type of coach Genk needs now. “I can only think that they will find someone with personality, come into the dressing room and really manage that. Someone that the players really think they should listen to,” reads at Sporza.

“But also someone to whom the board and management will partly listen to they let the trainer do his job and will not panic if there is a loss. They have to look for someone with experience and then there is only one who knows Genk very well and is free: Frank Vercauteren “, Wijnants continues.

Alternatively, the analyst thinks of Thorup, who was recently expelled from KAA Gent. “But Jess Thorup is also free and wants to stay in Belgium. They should look for someone like that, not someone young who has to start building from 0 again, at least not if they want to keep playing for the European places, and that is and will remain the scorching ambition, every time. “


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