Tour de France: Miguel Angel López won the 17th section


The 17th round of the Tour de France was held tonight (Wednesday) with the fourth ranked in the general ranking before the race, Miguel Angel López, while the two Slovenes leading the general ranking – Primoz Roglich and Taday Pogchar. Due to the victory, López rose to third place in the ranking, while the two Slovenes continue to march in first and second places. Daniel Martin from the Israeli ISRAEL START-UP NATION finished in 31st place.

Primoz ‘Roglich, who before the race set off, referred to the 17th section as the “queen of the column”, saying he was the one who would make the difference towards the “crazy and difficult finish” that was going to follow. Despite finishing second, the Slovenian continues to hold the yellow jersey and marches to the top of the overall standings.

Israeli rider Guy Niv from the ISRAEL START-UP NATION group finished in 140th place. Another rider from the Israeli team, Christs Nilands, finished in 85th place, while the Belgian Tom Van Esbruak finished in 99th place.

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