too little sleep immediately makes you unhappy –


Everyone knows how nice it is to have a good night’s sleep. Logical: According to a new study, too little sleep really makes you unhappier. You can enjoy less positive experiences.

Almost a quarter of the Dutch suffer from sleeping problems, Statistics Netherlands reported last year. Too little sleep is bad for body and mind. It can lead to cardiovascular disease, intestinal complaints and metabolic diseases, the GGZ writes. A lack of sleep also has mental repercussions: you are less concentrated, your memory deteriorates and you have a worse mood.

Now, a new study also confirms that too little sleep really takes the joy out of your life. “Even small fluctuations in your sleep time affect how you respond to events in daily life,” says University of British Columbia psychologist Nancy Sin.

Sin and colleagues looked at data from 2,000 adults between the ages of 33 and 84. “When people experience something positive, such as a hug or a visit to nature, they usually feel happier,” begins Sin. “But we found that when people slept less than usual, they experienced less positive emotions after happy events like this.”

Sleeping longer than usual had a positive effect on the experience of pleasant events. It also protected against the effects of daily stress. Interestingly enough, there was no relationship between sleep duration and the degree to which negative experiences entered. This suggests that sleep is especially important for positivity, the research team writes.

Bron (nen): Science Alert


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