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The iPhone 12 series may not have been physically part of the Time Flies event, but we have learned a bit in that area. Apple announced two things last night that most likely also apply to the new phones.

Besides the fact that we were introduced to the A14 Bionic chip, we also learned that the Apple Watch Series 6 will be delivered without an adapter. Two things that could just have to do with that iPhone 12.

A little more information about the iPhone 12

It soon became clear that the iPhone 12 series would not be part of last night’s Apple event. Tim Cook said almost immediately what the event would be aimed at: the Apple Watch and the iPad. During the livestream it became clear that this was indeed the case and we have to be patient with the new iPhone models for the time being. But despite the fact that it was not referenced, two things have been announced that we can trace back to the iPhone 12.

Normally, Apple introduces its most advanced Bionic chip during the unveiling of the iPhone 12. But given the delay for the series, it will appear first in an iPad this year. The new iPad Air features the A14-Bionic chip and, according to Cupertino, is “easily the most advanced chip ever made”. Apple proudly talked about the chip and all the benefits that come with it. With the 4-core GPU, the 16-core Neural Engine and the brand new machine-learning accelerators, we have undoubtedly been introduced to the processor that will be in the iPhone 12 series.

The impressive A14. (Image: Apple)

Despite the fact that the A14 Bionic chip has already been announced, we cannot get started with it for the time being. The Cupertino company did not give the iPad Air a release date, so it may still be able to stick to the set order. Will we first get the iPhone 12 with the A14 Bionic before we can get started with the iPad Air with that chip?

No charger in the box

Rumors had been going around for ages: Apple would no longer put a charger in the box of the iPhone 12. The Cupertino company would only supply a charging cable from this fall, because most people would have the chargers at home anyway. A rumor that will only be officially proven when it is actually announced. But haven’t we seen the first step last night?

Last night it became clear that the new Apple Watch Series 6 has a lot to offer. But a charger in the box is missing. On the website of the Apple Store you can see what your home will get when you order an Apple Watch. We see the smartwatch itself, a strap and a magnetic charging cable of 1 meter. But the charger itself is not listed.

Something that was also mentioned by Lisa Jackson last night:

“We know that customers have been accumulating USB power adapters and that producing millions of unneeded adapters consumes resources and adds to our carbon footprint. So this year, we are removing the USB power adapter from Apple Watch.”

The chance that Apple will make the same decision for the iPhone 12 series now seems very high.

What do you think? Does Apple leave the charger out of the box of the iPhone 12 or does it say nothing at all?


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