Then full holiday pay for everyone: social partner …


Everyone will receive their full holiday pay next year. Trade unions and employers have reached an agreement on this within the National Labor Council, the social partners have been informed. They ask the government to assist companies in difficulty with the payment. They also want to freeze the degressivity of unemployment benefits for a while.

This holiday pay has been the subject of discussion for some time. In order to protect the purchasing power of employees, it was previously agreed that days of temporary unemployment would be equated with the right to annual leave. However, employers feared a high bill, while the turnover of many companies was hit by the corona crisis.

An agreement has now been concluded within the NAR. The days of temporary unemployment are equated for the right to annual leave until the end of the year. This should ensure that everyone receives full holiday pay in 2021.

The government is being asked to support companies that are severely affected by the impact of the crisis. The greater the economic impact on the company, the greater the allowance. There is a price tag for the government of 180 million euros: 90 million euros for the white-collar workers and 90 million euros for the workers.

Benefits, temporary unemployment and parental leave

There is an agreement not only about the payment of the holiday allowance. The social partners agree to freeze the degressivity of the unemployment benefits and to further freeze the integration benefits until the end of this year. Normally, unemployment benefits fall over time. Because it is not easy to find work during the coronacris, this so-called degressivity was ‘frozen’ until the end of August. The social partners now agree to extend that freeze until the end of this year.

Unions and employers also agree to the temporary unemployment for white-collar workers to be extended until the end of next year for economic reasons. The allowance paid by employers increases from 5 euros to 5.63 euros per day.

And there is also an agreement on it corona parental leave, which runs until the end of September. The social partners agree to “neutralize” that leave. There will therefore be no effects of that corona leave on the transition to regular time credit.

“Important social agreement”

On Tuesday, the social partners will take their agreement to Minister of Work Nathalie Muylle. In a response, the employers are satisfied with the agreement. It is an “important social agreement to lead companies further through the corona crisis”, it sounds. The employers’ organizations VBO, Boerenbond, Unizo, UCM and Unisoc call on the government and policymakers to consider that agreement as one and indivisible and to implement all elements of the agreement as quickly as possible.

The Christian trade union ACV is also talking about an important agreement to further reduce the social consequences of the corona epidemic. “The ACV is satisfied with this balanced agreement that was urgently needed to provide people and companies with security”.


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