The testing system collapses? The check-in and drive-out complexes are disabled and there are no inspections in the nursing homes


Most of the checkpoints and drive for public testing to Corona are shut down today (Wednesday) and tomorrow due to considerable congestion on the labs. The reason: according to data from the Home Front Command and the IDF, which is responsible for their operation, the number of sample tests performed in them reached 55,000, while all the laboratories are currently only able to decipher about 50,000.

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In five cities, the Tested and Travel complexes continue to operate today and tomorrow: in Petah Tikva, Netanya, Givat Shmuel, Holon and Ashdod. The reason: the level of morbidity in these authorities is high and there is a need for focused and immediate activity to interrupt the outbreak of the epidemic. Referrals to these complexes will be made through the HMOs or MDA. No examination will be given without an orderly referral. Residents of other cities.

Many local authorities have in recent days begun to encourage their residents to be tested in order to lower morbidity rates, but also so that those authorities can move to a more lenient category according to the traffic light plan and this will have an impact on the relief given to them during or immediately after closure.

Yesterday, the Association of Nursing Homes and Sheltered Housing (ABA) warned that in recent days there have been cancellations of corona tests at these institutions. About 20 nursing homes and sheltered housing throughout the country have received notifications from MDA to cancel the routine tests that take place there once a week. Following this, the union’s chairman, Roni Ozeri, contacted the corona projector, Prof. Gamzo, the director of the Corona Nursing Association, Prof. Nimrod Maimon and the ministers please intervene immediately to continue the necessary steps to prevent the spread of the virus among the at-risk population, residents of nursing homes and sheltered housing.

Ozeri wrote: “We will mention in this context the great failure of the first wave: until last April the state did not assign tests to sheltered housing and nursing homes but only after our application to the High Court and then the state (ie the Ministry of Health) announced that it agrees to assign tests. Now the wheel is turning back: the elderly are once again forgotten in favor of other needs and neglected to die. We ask in every language of request to put the elderly population at the top of national priorities. ”

Yesterday in the State Audit Committee with hospital directors, where we discussed the issue of the burdens on the wards and fear of the collapse of the hospitals, said Prof. Zeev Rothstein, director of Hadassah: “If after seven months of epidemic are unable to perform tests, then close the state. Hadassah is empty and ready for work. ”

Prof. Rothstein added: “The closure is not really an effective solution. Healthy and sick closures together. After the closure there will be new super-adhesives. The super-adhesives had to be located. These are the young people who meet and see a lot of people. You don’t just have to check for symptoms.”

Rothstein expressed displeasure with the management of the test system: “For seven months we have been talking about tests, tests, tests. The prime minister talked about tens of thousands of tests a day and we, the smart and great Israel, have not yet found a way to do it. The tests we performed in the first wave. Do you know why? Because they do not send us tests. Our laboratory is empty. I do not understand this bureaucracy, there is no regulation of patients, no regulation of tests. Someone is not doing his job faithfully, unfortunately. The number could be increased. The tests and this issue are in our minds. ”

During a discussion in the committee, the director of Shaare Zedek Hospital, Prof. Ofer Marin, said: “The state is losing billions of shekels from the quarantine, but the money to convert the hospital’s dining room to the Corona ward to 55 beds is non-existent.” Marin explained that the government hospitals have an order to set up a ward and there is a budget, “We, on the other hand, the private hospitals in Jerusalem with high morbidity, are in financial difficulties and when there is no money it does not work. We are on the way to turning the hospital staff’s “But I do not have the money to pay suppliers so that it happens soon.”


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