The package of subscribers it launched is an exploitation of its status


Following Apple’s announcement yesterday of the unified subscription service Apple One at a market-breaking price – it is already receiving accusations from competitors; Streaming giant Spotify has issued a scathing statement that Apple poses a “threat to the collective freedom to listen, learn, create and connect”

Raphael Kahan 18:2216.09.20

Apple only announced yesterday (Tuesday) the unified subscription service Apple One and the sports service Fitness + and it is already receiving accusations from the industry and especially from those who compete in the various niches. Spotify, the streaming giant that recently reached 140 million subscribers, accused Apple in a scathing statement that it posed a “threat to the collective freedom to listen, learn, create and connect”.

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Spotify’s claim is not fundamentally flawed. A subscription to its service costs about $ 10 in the US and this is also the price for its Apple Music service of about 60 million subscribers. But a subscription to the basic Apple One package that also includes access to Apple TV, the Gaming Arcade service and iCloud costs about $ 15. A hard blow to Spotify that only sells a music streaming service.

Apple One Bundle Screenshot: Apple

Among Spotify’s claims is that Apple is pushing its subscription package in a way that prevents users from being exposed to competitors. The company has announced that it is appealing to the antitrust authorities to open an investigation into the exploitation of Apple’s position in the field. This is an argument that is not the first to make, even if it has been coming out for years against Apple’s attempt to compete with its service.

Another company that has voiced criticism, albeit very implicitly, of Apple’s move is Peloton, which markets integrated fitness equipment with an app and sensors. Company CEO John Foley said during an investor call last night (Tuesday) that the company was “digesting the announcement.” He further added that Apple’s entry into the fitness industry is an official seal of approval for its business model. But it could very well be that he will not talk like that when the number of his subscribers starts to deteriorate, after setting a goal of 100 million of them for the continuation of the company’s path.

Their reviews join the moves of Afik, which launched a fight with Apple regarding the terms of use of Appstore. However, companies such as Netflix or YouTube also circumvent Apple’s commission by registering paid subscriptions in Android apps or on service sites only and not through the iPhone apps. It’s not clear if these criticisms will mature into an antitrust move against Apple, but they can certainly help.


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