The nominees for the Jewish Nobel Prize: Gal Gadot and Rabbi Lord


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For the first time since its inception, the Genesis Award Foundation presents to the general public the final candidates for the prestigious award of a total of $ 1 million, and calls on the public in Israel and around the world to choose the winner. This is a significant change in the process of selecting award winners from the beginning of 2021.

In recent weeks, more than 45,000 people around the world participated in the first phase of the selection process and nominated about 4,000 nominees for the award on social media and on the foundation’s website. Of these, seven received the highest number of votes.

The nominees are: American singer and actress Barbra Streisand, The actor, comedian, and active on social media Sasha Baron Cohen, The Israeli star in Hollywood, Gal Gadot, The esteemed film director, Steven Spielberg, Salesforce Founder and Time Magazine Owners Mark Benioff, U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Elena Kagan, The Lord Jonathan Zacks, Writer, former Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom.

Today, the foundation invites the public to take part in the final and decisive stage of the selection process, and to vote for the most worthy candidate among the seven in the attached link. The winner will be announced in early 2021, alongside the philanthropic theme to which the $ 1 million prize money will be awarded.

Founder and Chairman of the Genesis Prize Fund, Stan Polovets: “The voice of the Jewish people – from all over the world – will now become the most important factor in choosing an award winner in early 2021. I am proud to lead this welcome change, and give the public will the rightful place in the selection process alongside our dedicated selection committee.”

In the Genesis Prize, which earned the nickname “The Jewish Nobel” By Time magazine, this year (2020) won the human rights activist and former prisoner of Zion, Nathan Sharansky. Previous winners include the former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, Supreme Court Justice of the United States Roth Baider Ginsburg, And the violinist Isaac Perlman.

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The Genesis Prize is an annual prize, which miraculously elevates people beyond the ordinary values ​​on which they operate, and their achievements, inspire the next generation of the Jewish people.

The winners of the Genesis Award for their generations each year choose a philanthropic theme with personal significance that is important to them, and transfer grants to organizations operating in the field, such as improving the lives of people with special needs, promoting women’s equality and supporting refugees. Genesis Award winner Robert Kraft donated $ 20 million of his own money to establish a fund dedicated to the fight against anti-Semitism.

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As mentioned, the seven finalists were selected in an extensive digital campaign that has been running in recent weeks on the net. Since the award was first presented in 2013, the process has opened up to the general public. In previous years, a special committee of public figures selected the final nominees and brides and grooms.

Chairman of the Genesis Prize Selection Committee and Chairman of the Jewish Agency, Yitzhak (Buzi) Herzog: “I thank the tens of thousands of people who have voted so far, proposing candidates who are role models for young Jews around the world, thus demonstrating their concern for the future of the Jewish people and the connection between the State of Israel and the Diaspora. The quality, diversity and achievements On the selection committee in the selection process. “

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