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The education system will move from tomorrow (Thursday) to a format of distance learning, while adapting to the changing needs of the various age groups.

In preparation for the transition to distance learning, the Ministry of Education publishes the emphases for the pedagogical program of distance learning that was published before the start of the school year.

In addition, the ministry publishes the telephone line for emotional assistance. It will be available to students, teaching staff and parents throughout the holiday season.

Along with the transition to distance learning against the background of the total closure, the educational activities of special education institutions, youth centers for at-risk youth, boarding schools, clubs for children at risk, technological education and development centers, youth promotion units and the Hila program, challenge classes and public institutions were excluded. These educators will learn according to the outlines.

The matriculation exams to be held throughout the closure were also excluded. It should be noted that educational institutions will remain open and teaching staff will be able to reach out to them to conduct distance learning from them.

These schools will adhere to the rules of distance, hygiene and health.

Education Minister Yoav Galant said, “Since I took office, we have taken a long line of steps to ensure the operation of the education system in the Corona routine. We studied the problems in the first wave, including the gaps in distance learning. In light of this, we decided to allocate 1.2 billion NIS for the treatment of innovative technological infrastructures, digital content development, teacher training and the purchase of personal computers for students. We are working to address a long-standing shortage, and therefore the response will last about a year. The interim target is to reach the implementation of 50% of the plan in January 2021. ”

“During the closure period, the education system will provide the required response to schools and students. Our excellent educators will continue to act with commitment and dedication on behalf of the students and will also meet the distance learning challenge in the near future.”

The Director General of the Ministry of Education, Amit Edri, added that “the education system is prepared to act in any scenario, and to maintain the learning sequence and the personal connection with the students. In preparation for the transition of the entire system to distance learning, we have formulated a series of responses, including pedagogical and emotional ones adapted to the changing needs of the students. ”

“To ensure that the learning process is carried out optimally, we have established clear principles of managerial and pedagogical flexibility, responsiveness and partnership with parents. Our commitment to students and teaching staff does not end within the school and kindergarten it continues even in times of emergency, so during quarantine we will continue to accompany and give them All the necessary answers, “Edri said.


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