The annual memorial service was held for the 11 Munich victims


Zubari arrived at the ceremony (courtesy of the Sailing Association) | Photo: Sports 5

An unforgettable massacre. Tonight (Monday) was the annual memorial service for the victims of the Munich Olympics, 42 years after the brutal attack on the Olympics.

“It’s part of what we represent,” said the windsurfer and Olympic medalist, Accumulated, “The Olympic Committee does the ceremony every year and also at the Rio Olympics there was a respectable ceremony, I hope this tradition will continue.”

The massacre of athletes at the Munich Olympics is a Palestinian terrorist incident that took place on Friday, September 1972, during the 20th Olympics held in Munich, in which 11 athletes, judges and coaches, members of the Israeli Olympic delegation, were murdered by Palestinian terrorists from the Black September organization.

Two of the victims were killed inside the Israeli delegation’s residence in the Olympic Village while the terrorists took over the members of the delegation. The other nine, who were held hostage for about 19 hours, were killed during a failed rescue attempt by Bavarian police forces at an airport near the city, which also killed one German policeman and five of the eight terrorists.

Despite the many years that have passed, the massacre is considered to this day, one of the most notorious terrorist acts, which brought it worldwide fame.


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