Student café Nijmegen turns out to be a super spreader: 51 infections | Inland


The GGD Gelderland-Zuid reports this on Tuesday based on source and contact research among café visitors since 25 August. The number of infections can increase even further, said a spokeswoman for the service.

Mayor Hubert Bruls of Nijmegen closed the café with immediate effect on 1 September, because ten infections had already been diagnosed by then. The cafe is still closed. According to Bruls, the café owner did not adhere to the corona rules at all. “Completely unacceptable,” said the mayor of Nijmegen. Infected people have stated, among other things, that after closing the shutters, the pub continued as a café in normal times, so without fixed seats and without distance. The pub owner thinks he cannot be blamed.

Incubation time

According to the GGD, ten of the 51 infections were found in security regions other than Gelderland-Zuid. The incubation period for an infection is fourteen days. Because café Van Rijn was still open until September 2, more infections may come to light. “In one or two days, they sometimes meet as many as ten to twenty people less than five feet away. Especially at home, at clubs or in the catering industry. That is not a typical Nijmegen trend, by the way. We see it all over the country ”, says GGD infectious disease control doctor Jeannine Hautvast to de Gelderlander.

“I find this very annoying. But I also notice that young people themselves do not mind if they are infected. They don’t get very sick. In addition, I think there are more infections, but that some should not be tested because they have no complaints, ”the owner of the cafe told the same newspaper. “I wonder whether the GGD will say whether the infections can also be linked to other cafes. It is annoying that we are the only company linked to this. ”


In Maastricht, the number of students who became infected with the corona virus around the introduction week has increased. The virus has now been diagnosed in 38 students, according to the university in the Limburg capital. Some students can no longer transmit the disease to others and therefore no longer need to remain in isolation.

The university reported at the end of August that eleven students had become infected at private parties in student houses around the introduction week. Last week the number of cases had already risen to 24.


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