South Park will release one-hour pandemic episode on September 30 | NOW


The satirical animated series South Park comes with a special one-hour pandemic episode, South Park Studios reports Twitter. The Pandemic Special can be seen from September 30 on Comedy Central.

The special episode trailer shows characters Randy and Cartman in the midst of the chaos of the corona crisis. Randy tries to cash in on the COVID pandemic, while Cartman tries to skip school when the schools closed due to the corona crisis reopen.

The episode kicks off the 24th season of the series. The regular episodes of the animated series last an average of 22 minutes.

In August, it was announced that ViacomCBS Entertainment was interested in making new ones South Parkmovies. In 1999, the first film about the characters from the animated series with the name was released South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.


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