Seventeen arrests in international drug investigation | NOW


Officers in The Hague, Belgium and Spain have carried out multiple arrests on Wednesday morning in the investigation into a criminal drug network. In total, seventeen people between the ages of 25 and 68 were arrested.

Ten people were arrested in the Netherlands, six in Spain and one in Belgium. The Spanish and Belgian authorities have since been requested to surrender the persons arrested there to the Netherlands.

“In addition to the arrests, there were raids on dozens of locations in the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Hungary and Slovakia,” said the police.

Narcotics, firearms and amounts of money were found in these raids. “Dozens of cars were also seized.”

According to The Telegraph One of the people arrested is the Hague criminal Piet S., who was previously associated with drug trafficking and liquidations. The police cannot confirm this when asked.

The police used information obtained from Encrochat: officers were able to read for a while with the encrypted messages from criminals who were not aware of this.


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