Schechter: “To tell the truth, the lottery lit up our faces”


After completing the work against Dynamo Brest last night with a small 0: 1, Maccabi Tel Aviv is already looking forward to the next opponent – Red Bull Salzburg. After the confrontation, Itay shechter Did not hide how much he wants to be part of a team playing in the Champions League again. “I am ready to give up the grant we will receive and in addition to bring in $ 20,000 myself to reach the Champions League,” said the Yellows striker.

Along with the joy and aspirations ahead, Schechter knows that luck also played in Maccabi Tel Aviv’s favor: “We have to tell the truth – the lotteries have brightened our faces. We have to say thank you. It is impossible to hide that it is better to meet Frantzvaros or Maitland than one of the European lions.”

Either way it is clear to Schechter that this is not going to be easy: “We are aware that we are not in the best shape and do not show the best ability, but we will come to a world war.”

Also, a special moment awaits the striker of the Yellows, who at that stage, ten years ago, came at the expense of Salzburg to the Champions League in the Hapoel Tel Aviv uniform. In the first game in which Hapoel Tel Aviv won 2: 3, Schechter even scored and his famous celebration with the Little Red Riding Hood on his head is especially remembered.

He also referred to the player: “After 10 years returning to the same pitch, against the same team, for me to fulfill that dream – the Champions League is the top of the top. To come at 33, to sing the anthem, to meet the biggest stars in the world, is the highlight.” On the possibility of celebrating with a yellow cap this time he said: “Good question. There are games that do not return in a career.”

Who else shared his feelings after the Yellows promised at least participation in the Europa League home stage is Eitan Tibi. For the brake, too, it was a kind of closing circle. Tibi was to blame for the relegation of the Yellows from the Europa League in 2018, when he caused Pendel and Maccabi to be relegated by the Norwegian Sarpsborg.

The brakeman also arrived last night, after his offense led to a penalty just a few days ago in the League of Nations with the Israeli team. “I am happy for the day,” said Tibi, who for him has these events behind him: “What was in the team passed for me, we went up to the Europa League today and it is an amazing achievement, this is the fourth time I go up with Maccabi Tel Aviv and we have a mission to go up to the Champions League.”

Tibi nevertheless returned to the same game against Sarpsborg: “There is no doubt that relegation was a difficult experience, of course it was not easy either personally. It is a very happy closing of the circle.”

Brake Maccabi Tel Aviv A story why another closing of this circle touched him so much: “Before the game I had something sitting on me. When we were eliminated in the Europa League two years ago, it was one of the hardest things I experienced. My father was in this game, it was one game before his last “Today when I went up to the game I said no matter what I have to do to get it going. I’m glad we got that” small “victory today.”


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