Remarkable increase in Liège, “good for 39 new contamination … (Liège)


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The corona figures in our country continue to fall, with 12% compared to the week before. Especially in Liège an increase of 31% can now be noted. “Good for 39 new infections per day in the province,” said Steven Van Gucht. The number of new infections is decreasing in Limburg.

“The situation has changed relatively little compared to Monday,” said virologist Steven Van Gucht at the Crisis Centre’s press conference. “In the past seven days, an average of 438 new infections was diagnosed, a decrease of 12 percent.”

“At a regional level, we mainly see a decline in Brussels. In the Brussels-Capital Region, an average of 112 new cases per day were diagnosed last week, a decrease of 15 percent compared to the previous week. In Antwerp there were 84, a decrease of 21 percent. ”

New problem child?

“We also see declines in the other provinces, except in Flemish Brabant, Walloon Brabant and Liège. Especially in Liège there is a remarkable increase of 31%, although in absolute figures it is not too bad, with an average of 39 new infections per day ”, says Van Gucht.

“The number of hospital admissions also continues to decline: over the past seven days there were an average of sixteen a day, the week before there were 22. Over the past seven days there were an average of four deaths, a week before there were seven.

Tips for students and parents

Interfederal spokesman Yves Stevens also discussed the course of the first day of school. “That September 1 is always exciting, but now it was totally the case,” said Stevens. “Yesterday was already a big test, after many precautions had already been taken by school boards and teachers in recent weeks to ensure a safe return. It is gratifying to see that that went well. ”

“But the students themselves will also have to adjust their behavior. In secondary education, for example, all students must always wear a mouth mask. We realize that is not fun, but we are convinced that it will soon become a healthy habit. Provided both mouth and nose are covered! Because we now see too often in the streets that only the mouth or only the nose is covered. Or that the mask is dangling somewhere. Then of course it has no effect. “

No gatherings

Stevens also had a warning in store for parents: “The behavior around the schools must also be adjusted, especially just before and just after the school day when it is busy. Wear a mouth mask when you bring or collect your child. Keep enough distance and avoid gatherings: just having a nice chat is not possible. ” Pupils who go to school independently must also adapt: ​​”Wearing mouth masks on public transport is mandatory.”

Stevens also had a tip for children of all ages: “Many children have the habit of having a snack after school. It is important that you wash your hands first. That should become a reflex for everyone: when you return home you wash your hands first. That’s a healthy routine that protects everyone. ”

Evolution of the number of infections.
Remarkable increase in Liège,
Evolution of the number of patients admitted to hospital.
Remarkable increase in Liège,
Evolution of the number of patients in intensive care.
Remarkable increase in Liège,
Evolution of the number of deaths.


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