Razer launches Kishi controller for iPhone


Not kitsch!

Stadia and Project xCloud may not be available for iOS, but that didn’t stop Razer from releasing their Razer Kishi for iPhones.

Cloud gaming is hot. The thought of being able to play your games anywhere – regardless of your device – clearly appeals. We are therefore not far from a world where we can stream console-worthy games to our smartphones. Especially when 5G makes its appearance in Belgium, nothing will stop us from playing Destiny 2 or Halo Infinite on our smartphone via Google Stadia or Xbox Game Pass and who knows that PlayStation will also unveil new plans for PlayStation Now tonight.

To play games on your smartphone, you must of course have a controller. One option is to connect a wireless controller (such as the Xbox One controller), but the Razer Kishi is also a popular solution. This actually turns your smartphone into a Switch system. The device was only available for Android, but is now also making its way to the iPhone.

Razer Kishi for iPhone

The Kishi for iPhone features two clickable analog thumbsticks, a series of face and multifunction buttons and an eight-way D-pad. As mentioned earlier, Stadia or Project xCloud is not playable on iOS due to restrictions from Apple, but the controller is supported by Apple Arcade.

You connect the system by connecting it directly to the lightning port of your device. The device also features a lightning port of its own that acts as a passthrough. So you can charge while you are playing. The Kishi supports iPhone 6 Plus or newer models. It can be purchased through the Apple Online Store, making it the first Razer product to be found on the Apple Online Store. From September 22, it will also be sold worldwide in a number of Apple stores.


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