Possible additional regional corona measures and Belgium is putting South Holland on the red


Due to the rising number of corona infections, regional measures are expected to be taken this week. On Friday it will be announced which targeted measures are ‘most appropriate’ in a region where there are many infections, such as in Haaglanden. Minister De Jonge said this to RTL News on Wednesday.

There has been intensive consultation for days with the regions where the most infections take place. The types of measures to be used to combat the infections are still being discussed. This includes the four major cities. De Jonge says that the infections mainly spread among students, in the home situation and in the catering industry.

The chairmen of the security regions Haaglanden and Hollands Midden (mayor Van Zanen and mayor Lenferink) were not yet available for an explanation.

Belgium does not trust the increased number of infections in the Randstad either. From Friday, South and North Holland will receive code red from the southern neighbors. Anyone who travels from these provinces to Belgium after a stay of at least two days must undergo a test and be quarantined.

Regional measures

The cabinet has already indicated that regional steps will be taken if the corona virus flares up too much. This should prevent the entire country from having to go into lockdown again. To this end, a so-called escalation ladder has been created that indicates per region how the spread of the corona virus is doing there. This assessment system has three steps: vigilant, worrisome and serious. It would start next Tuesday, but that has been brought forward to Friday, insiders say.

On Wednesday, the most concerned ministers discussed the corona virus. As a rule, meetings are held on Tuesdays, but this is a day later due to Budget Day. On Thursday, the prime minister will sit in the House of Representatives all day for general political reflections on the cabinet plans for 2021.

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