Outlier coronavirus in sewage water Leiden Noord



16 september 2020
LEADEN – In Leiden North, an outlier can be seen of coronavirus particles in the sewage water. The RIVM reports this. In addition to the sewage treatment plant in Leiden Noord, there is also an outlier in Woerden.

RIVM, together with the water boards throughout the Netherlands, is examining the sewage water for the presence of the new corona virus. In total, this involves more than 300 measuring points at sewage treatment plants throughout the Netherlands. For example, the sewage water of all more than 17 million people in the Netherlands is examined for coronavirus particles.
The results of the sewage water investigation can now be found on the updated corona dashboard of the national government. This data is updated weekly. Sewage research has expanded considerably in a short space of time. From 29 measuring points in April to 80 in July. And now all more than 300 locations are surveyed weekly.

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