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The Public Prosecution Service (OM) said on Wednesday that there is no connection between the arrest of Khalid J. at the beginning of this year in Dubai and the following of his lawyers in the same country in June 2019. Lawyer Leon van Kleef wants an in-depth investigation into the contact between the Public Prosecution Service and Dubai.

Van Kleef and his office mate Nico Meijering were followed by order of the Dutch judiciary, because they may have had a meeting with the then still fugitive Ridouan T. However, they had agreed with J.

According to Van Kleef, it cannot be otherwise that the officers in the case in which J. is now on trial (Himalaya investigation) knew where he was staying. However, the OM says that J. was only designated as a suspect in that investigation in October 2019 and that an investigation into his whereabouts was only opened.

The public prosecutor said on Wednesday that the public prosecutors did not know that Van Kleef and Meijering had been followed, let alone that the lawyers assisted J. The officer also says he was not made aware of the lawyers’ observation, because it took place in the Marengo investigation, the case against T.

Attorneys tracking is of no importance in this case

The OM says that J. was only reported worldwide from the end of 2019. Dubai would have informed the justice on January 16 that J. had been arrested and could be picked up.

If there was already a formal error, because the lawyers were followed, then according to the OM, that judgment should not be made in this case.

Defense is surprised

Van Kleef said in a short reaction that he was surprised that the Public Prosecution Service “does not want to know anything and is waving everything away”. According to counsel, his client has been pulled through a “fabric of densities from Dubai”.

J. was expelled from Dubai as an unwanted foreigner, while he was registered there and had a residence permit. Van Kleef suspects that this has happened because Dubai had received information that would show that J. belonged to T.’s criminal organization. T. and his hand bearings are called the ‘angels of death’ in Dubai.

According to Van Kleef, this link, which is non-existent, would be dangerous, because T. would have been portrayed by the Dutch authorities as a terrorist with ties to Iran.

The Noord-Holland court will decide at a later date whether the following of the lawyers should indeed be investigated.


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