Number of coronavirus infections rises for the first time in …


The daily average of the number of corona infections has risen slightly for the first time in weeks. This is evident from the data from health institute Sciensano on Sunday morning. The last seven days for which full figures are available, an average of 453.6 new infections were added every day. That is an increase of 3 percent. A day earlier, it was still 445 new cases.

The average number of deaths continues to fall slightly, to 3.1 per day. The average number of hospital admissions also continues to fall slightly to 16.7 per day. In total, 9,906 deaths have now been counted in our country of people who were infected with the corona virus.

It is striking that the number of new infections has increased in every province in the last seven days, with the exception of Brussels and Antwerp. With 793 and 570 infections in one week respectively, the figures are still the highest there.

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